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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alaska recap - damn that is a fun state!!

Ok, I did not have access to my blog while in Alaska so it was not updated daily.
There were some very hot times and very hot men.

We traveled there for a coronation which entailed many locals as well as out of town meat.
Just about every night we were out with our friends chasing men, having cocktails and enjoying the town.
This is not to say I did not find ways to appease my cock sucking fetish.
Each suck did not result in a cum load but that is not the goal of a cock sucker - I get off just knowing I am sending a hot man away with a smile even if he still has cum built up in his balls.
Either his husband or a hot local will benefit from that fluffed piece of meat and Karma does work on cocks too.

The irony of this weekend is the number of imperial and other titles I had in my mouth.
At one point we were at a ballroom and I was able to count off five men in dresses or adorned with a title from some "court".
There is an urban myth that most drag queens are tops and hung....well, I would not be able to dispute that this weekend.

Even the straight men are HOT as hell...if you get a chance to go river rafting or any outdoor sport in Alaska, DO it and you will be treated to some of the hottest natural men you will meet.
They are sweet and have no idea how hot they are.
Two straight married men had the experience of being outdoors with all five of us from San Francisco and LA ...they did receive a very new exposure to gay men and there will be two more copies of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert rented soon - and they will understand what a train ride with gay men can really be about.

There are not any tearooms that I found in Alaska but there are some hung, hairy men in the bathrooms all over - and if there would have been more time for me to work it, they would have been a bit less cum heavy at the end of the day.

There is one bathroom in Alaska that gave up two very hot loads - any local cum pigs in Alaska, keep your eyes open because I can tell you the locals are horny as we are here in San Francisco!

I left with a few phone numbers, some great memories of hung cock and one less cock ring.
My cock ring is now being enjoyed by a hot man and his husband - enjoy it b0ys and I look forward to seeing you in our city next time for a full load of cum shot all over my face.

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