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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two hot loads as appetizers for the lunch

The job has been busy this week so I did not have much time for lunch yesterday.
I was just grabbing a quick sandwich but of course I figured that since I was near the shopping area I would check it out.

My usual location was semi busy and there was a guy in one of the stalls.
I went into the next one and could see that he was checking me out at the same time.
Ok, that means we would be able to actually do something if the foot traffic stopped.
He was trying to get into a good position to give a show and once the coast was clear he got down so I could see what he was stoking.
He was squatting down and I could see a smooth and silky long slim tan cock.
Just as I got a chance to see what I could taste we had company.
We both stopped and the minute it was clear again he opened his stall door - I did the same and he came over to my stall.
Tall, young dark haired twink, smooth tan skin and rock hard cock....looked like the type you would see in a mall store and think about swallowing in the dressing room.
I don't usually like to share stalls in all locations but he was eager and I was pressed for time.
He came in and I got into position on the porcelain throne - on my knees, to allow him to stand in front of me.
This allowed him to get sucked to completion and not show two sets of feet under the stall.

Right away he was in my mouth and I was swallowing it all.
We both knew time was short and he was horny enough to be close after a few minutes.
I was sucking and he said he was about to cum...I just nodded my head to let him know I heard and let him know it was ok to flood my mouth.
It can be amazing how much cum a young stud can shoot.
I let it all fill my mouth until I swallowed it in one gulp and then licked his head clean.
We zipped up and he took the opportunity to head out first.

I figured that I may as well check out the rest of the shopping district before I headed back to the office.
There was another tearoom in the area so went to check it out.
A hot guy that I have seen before came in and took the stall next to me.
Once again the traffic picked up and we waited for a break.
After we both determined that it was too busy for anything he headed out. After a short delay I followed and saw him waiting out front.
He then headed in the direction of a retail store that has some good stalls for action.
I followed him and he did indeed go into one of them. I followed at a slower pace and when I got in I found him in a stall with the door open.
I took the opportunity to join him.
Once he shut the door I got into the same position as I did with the first guy - on the throne so he could stand there and not be seen from the outside.
This guy was a tasty ginger haired stud, facial hair and he was sporting a nice thick cock with a large head.
Once again it was a quick deep throat suck before he was shooting a load into my mouth.
I let it all gather in my mouth and swallowed it in one gulp.

After those two load I decided it was time to head back and have my lunch while savoring the taste of my appetizers.

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