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Monday, January 4, 2010

Afternoon high rise cum load

Over the weekend I was chatting with a young guy on a hook up site. He has some real tasty looking cock pics and also likes to top holes.
We planned to try and get together some time this week and today happened to be perfect.

He headed down by my location and we met outside a high rise that I have utilized the stalls for hook-ups in the past.

We got to the floor I know is good and walked to the bathrooms.
There was one guy there but he was on his way out, so the coast was clear. We both went into the largest stall and locked the door.
It was chilly out so we both had a bit of a cold hand syndrome.
Since he had said that he was looking forward to feeding me a load, I did not waste time and just pushed my shorts and jeans down and got on my knees.

He was looking down as I slowly worked his cock from flaccid to full on rock hard.
You know how much I love to feel it grow with each stroke and swallow.
I was using my mouth and hand to get him good and ready and when he was at his full over 8 inches I went for the deep throat.
He has a rather thick cock for being a compact little guy - and I was having a great time devouring it.
A couple of times he would push my head down to get it in that extra inch.

Using the bathroom was new to him, and I think it made him that much more on edge. I was taking him as far as possible in my mouth and then alternating with stroking the shaft.
It was not long before he said that he was getting close.
I looked up and asked him where he wanted to put his load. At first he said anywhere and then he decided that it should go right down my throat.
That sounds great to me, I said...and went back down for the count.

As soon as he started to swell, I worked my mouth open as wide as I could and let him slide down.
I could feel each pulse of cum being shot out of that hard cock and straight down. I pushed to get him further down so that his emptying balls could hit my chin. When I could not feel anymore cum spurting I slowly slid back off.
To be sure I got every drop and let his cock stay in my mouth and used my hand to stroke it.
Finally there was no more cum to be had and I let him slide completely out.

Damn, that was hot and as I sit here typing, I can still taste the barest hint of his cum with each swallow. I love those extra thick loads that take their time working down your gullet.

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