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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tight gymnast ass for my load and then he feeds me his

Over the past year I have been chatting off and on with a local cute young stud.
We have seen each other out at events and bars but never in a spot to take time and get down to business.
Today, he sent me a note and the timing was perfect.

He gave me the address and I hopped on the train and headed over.

This young stud is a bit taller than me and has the body of a gymnast/dancer. Tight firm bubble ass, smooth chest and thick legs. And his profile says large cock and it was not lying!
He was hard when he opened the door and I could not wait to finally taste that cock.
But, before we started - he said that someone else was coming over.
Will I be sucking you both off, I asked. His response was that the other guy was going to fuck him.
Ok, from what I felt while giving him a taste of my mouth and grasping his butt was a very firm smooth ass. I would not mind having a chance at that...

The other guy arrived and I stopped with the "fluffing" session. The second guy seemed to be much older than both of us and not particularly my type but he was there to fuck and I was there to suck. Time to get down to business.

We headed downstairs and entered a room that any leather boy would be squealing in delight over. Harnesses, sling, and mood lighting.
We all stripped down and I got back to work on that massively hung cock.
While upstairs I had been able to get him all the way down my throat but it was a stretch for the last inch. He was that thick but you know I take a challenge.
Now that we had the space to get busy, I wanted to give him the best blow job.

Eventually some poppers came out from the top and he took a turn at sucking the stud.
When I stood up to see what the plan was going to be, the young stud angled to let me stand behind him.
Hmmm, do I get to have a shot at that ass also??

Indeed I do! He started to bend over and I stepped forward to line up my cock.
Of course, I had pre cum to use but he was not dripping in lube and it was a tight fit.
I went down to give his ass a few licks and also spit on my cock. Then he leaned over once again and we slowly started working my thick cock into his smooth tight hole.
It was not quick - he is tight and I was completely firm, which means it was nice and wide.
Once I was in and started to fuck him I knew I could easily shoot a load. Since I wanted to still suck him off, I said that I did not want to cum too soon ...and there also the top that was supposed to take over.
Some firm strokes had him moaning and some of it was the sound a fully stuffed stud. I was getting close so I leaned forward and asked if he wanted me to suck his cock again.
At that he replied that I could if I wanted to but there was no need to stop fucking and that I could cum first. HOT!
With that invitation I proceeded to bend him further over to give his ass the full fucking it deserved.
He took it all and it was very intense. His hole was so tight that I could it pull the load out of my balls. Once I was unleashing my cum into his tight ass I pushed all the way in and let him have every drop.

That seemed to set off a chain of events because I heard the top groaning in exctasy and then he stood up with his hand covered in cum. Later I figured that he must have cum while sucking the young stud...he had been in front of him the whole time I was fucking.
The young host took me to the bathroom to freshen up and at that point the top came in and washed his hands. I figured that was the end of it, and I did not get to taste the load but I did get to plow that ass.

Well, that was not the end.

The top left and my host said that he had not cum yet and so I went back down on my knees and started sucking once again.
This was an intense scene since I usually have to wait a bit after cumming before I get hard and ready but his cock got mine back to attention.
I was on his cock, taking it down further with each stroke and using my hand also.
Eventually he was ready to cum and took over stroking.
I leaned back, mouth open and let him aim for my tongue.
Spurt after spurt of cum coated my tongue and a bit of my lips. Tasty and oh so satisfying!
His comment afterward was that he had never been fucked with a PA. Always happy to bring that experience to a fresh young stud.

Well, now we had both shot our loads and he was ready to call it a day.
I got dressed , grabbed my workout bag and headed off to the gym. But not before saying thanks and getting a smile in return.

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