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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Leather, cocktails and a facial in hotel lobby

Due to the lack of internet over the past holiday weekend, I am sorry that this is a bit delayed...but it was so much fun, that I know you will be happy to finally hear all about it.

We arrived in Washington DC on Friday morning around 6am so it was going to be an early night.
That is, until we saw all of the leather men hanging out and I got a second wind. After dinner we decided to have a drink in the lobby and meet up with friends. As you can guess, when there are hundreds of leather men all in one large room with cocktails it is going to get playful.
During the evening we were chatting with a friend that is hairy, tall, hung and uncut. He is also a very dominant top and I was hoping to be of service in some way before the weekend was over.

Later in the night we came across a hotel room party and wandered in. As I crossed the room I saw our friend at the far end with a large group of men fucking, sucking and cumming.
I made my way over to the bed/couch that our friend was near and worked my way towards his cock.
Once in place I offered up my mouth and he stepped forward and slid that massive piece of meat into my mouth. He knew how much pleasure I get from servicing cocks and when they are friends we both get to have a great time.
Of course there were other guys working their way over, and I tried to share but eventually it was down to my throat and his cock buried down to the base.
Deep throating him had me rock hard, leaking pre-cum and hungry for his thick load.
With all of that foreplay, orgy sex and cocks/ cum everywhere I think we were both ready for a full release soon enough.
As I was down on his cock, he thrust into my throat and let loose with a flow of cum that would choke an unsuspecting throat.

After I swallowed down every ounce of cum he shot, I stood up and saw the knowing smile on his face that said he was pleasantly empty for the time being.
While I had been sucking and swallowing his cock, there were a couple of very hung guys in the area and I was ready for some more fun. I looked over and saw one cock that was probably about 6 inches around and as thick as a beer can. Naturally I wanted to get it in either hole.
After some maneuvering and cocks being put in my mouth I was facing away and he knew it was time to take my ass.
This was not a bareback party and even though I would be thrilled to have his bare cock buried in my ass I saw him reaching for a Magnum...well, if you are going to use one, at least they make 'em big enough to fit (or so I was hoping).
He grabbed the lube, and shoved into my ass.
DAMN!!! "That is thick" and where are the poppers?? was all I could think.
Being the bottom whore and cock pig that I am, there was no way I would let that cock get away. I bit down and he bore down. Every inch of him was buried up my ass and I was a stuffed little pig.
It was a great fuck but I did have to pass up on getting his load in my ass.

Off to the next party.

There were some bareback parties on our floor and the stairs were hopping with guys going from one floor to the next in search of cock.

During the course of the weekend I was up for multiple loads and we went out Saturday afternoon to get supplies.
I was ready for anything that night and set out with that mission.
We found a few more parties going on but at one point we just stopped in our room and left the door open.
I was standing in my jock when a young smooth twink walked in. He was close to my height and he just walked up and said "Can I fuck your ass?"
Sure thing!
He dropped trou, I turned around and he slid right up behind me. I saw that he was uncut before I was facing the other way. Bonus!
With the door standing open I had this young stud buried up to his balls in my ass.
He was a bit tipsy, and I was horny as hell so it was a quick but hot fuck.
Soon enough he started fucking me harder and yelled out that he was cumming.
With the door being open we had an audience and with the ending of that performance there were other guys interested in joining us.
The room was soon full of about 15 guys all fucking and sucking.
I even found a couple of hot asses to fuck bare and give them a nice thick cock to ride.

After a full night of fucking and sucking, I was still looking for an ass to dump my load into.
I told my husband that I wanted to make on last lap around our hotel floor.
Soon enough I came across a group of guy in a doorway and an eager young twink in a jock. He was there taking cocks and I turned him around and pulled him back onto my cock.
He may not have been expecting my thick cock or the PA, he stepped forward a bit so I grabbed his hips and kept him on my cock. He relaxed enough to take the rest of my cock and I let him have it all.
Standing in a circle of guys, boots and jock the only thing on and my cock buried in a tight twink ass was enough to get me close.
When I felt the load ready to blow, I grasped his hips once more and shoved in till my balls were right up to his ass.

Now...on to the lobby facial...

We went to the leather event and then it was time for the underwear party at a local bar.
While at the bar I met up with a guy that was 6 foot 5 and 3/4 inches by his reckoning....and you know how I like that!!!!
He was playing with a group of guys and eventually we made our way towards each other. Tall, dark hair, sexy smile and a pair of underwear straining to hold in every inch of him.
We were doing some mutual groping and I found that he was not only hung but uncut with enough skin to make my mouth water. He had friends with him that wanted us to play on the pool table but the bar was not really the venue for that. Instead we spent the whole time stroking and he also found that I like spit. We would be sharing a deep kiss and then when we broke apart he would give me more of his spit from above. I had spit spilling down my chin more than a few times that night.
Eventually it was time for my husband and I to head back to the lobby and I told my new friend that we would be in the lobby.

Not soon afterward, I see him and his friends at our hotel. They wanted to check out a local party and planned to return later.
In the interim, I was back in my jock and the lobby was full of horny leather men.
Towards the far end of the lobby I saw a buddy playing with a very massive cock.
I made my was over and offered my mouth as service to that pierced hung cock. He agreed and I got down to business.
Being in a hotel lobby with my mouth stretched around a cock puts me in overdrive mode and I gave this guy the quickest but deepest deep throat blow job I could. After all, if I can get that load - I want it.
He was spit lubed from my throat and with just a bit of stroking he was ready to blow.
I leaned back and offered up my face.
Our friend was standing there telling him to let me have it and suddenly I felt three very massive spurts of cum shooting onto my face.
That was just the first course...after I opened my eyes he was stroking and started shooting a second quick burst of cum shots.
Once all was said and done, I was standing in a hotel lobby with my face completely glazed over with I don't even know how much cum.
It was the perfect ending to a night of public debauchery.


Duo said...

Squirt Hungry Guy, I've always been a huge fan and think you are so hot, but your posts are hotter than ever lately! Love it when you top!!! -Dan

phoenhix said...

What event was this? Would love to attend!

Anonymous said...

the event was mid atlantic leather..MAL for short. it's every year, the weekend of martin luther king's birthday, in dc. i go every year, (i'm local), and always get my fill of cock and cum.