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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buddy from the past feeds me again

A few years ago a guy posted an ad about hosting a lunch group and I responded immediately.
That lunch was attended by almost a dozen men and it began a continuous group for me to service.
At one of the lunches, I met up with this guy that had one of the largest cocks in the room and we both knew it was going to have to be in my mouth...

Yesterday I emailed that guy to tell him about my new office location, and today he sent back a note that he was living in the city and only minutes away by train...and told me that if I had the time, he had the load.

I  told him that I wanted his cock again, and headed right over.

He met me at the door in his underwear and I saw that he was already bulging and half hard.
Heading into his place, we barely got in the door before I was grasping that cock in my hands and he let the head slip out..and showed me the tip glistening with a huge drop of precum.
Then he told me to lick it off.

Once we both knew that I was starving for cum, he led me to the entryway where the light was better...because he wanted to share this on Xtube.  
His screen name is MonkeyAroundSF.

Well, lets just say that seeing his bulging cock had me dripping my own buckets of precum. Before he would let me even get on my knees he put my tongue and mouth through a good ten minutes of lip locking and cock groping.
Finally he said that the movie was ready to get started and I got into position.

Handed him the camera and proceeded to SLOWLY pull out his cock and then it was time for me to refresh his memory about how my throat felt.
Precum was leaking and I took a moment to swipe up a drop with my tongue and then there was no turning back.

Remembering how much he loved to feel the back of my throat, we both made sure that I had him balls deep between moment of stroking and slurping.
A couple of times I did hit the gag reflex, but that just caused his balls to leak even more precum and got me hungry to taste the sperm building in his balls.

He had warned me that his balls were churning a multiple day load.   After all the foreplay lip locking and stroking, it was only a matter of minutes before he was telling me to get ready...and then he let it fly!

The first shot took me by surprise, and then I let him direct the rest onto my lips.  My tongue was ready to slurp it  up and after the third or fourth shot had gone down I saw some that had overshot and was on my, I had to be sure and not miss a drop.
I licked those drops up and cleaned off the head.  Then I took the shaft, licked the cum off.
Slowly I kept milking and with each stroke there was more cum oozing out.

Damn that was one massive load (as he warned me)!


Anonymous said...

Excellent pics!! Really enjoy your experience!!

Anonymous said...

HOT! Just what I needed on a snowy, horny morning in NYC. Thanks!