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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tahoe skiing - minor accident but doing ok

So we came up to South Lake Tahoe on Wednesday and have been skiing.

There are some very hot men, as you would expect. We lived in Aspen for a few years and know the best spots are the ski in/out bars and even the bathrooms are good for catching hot cock and watching the guys get hard.
I of course was wearing my cock ring...just in case.

Well, that was a fine idea until yesterday when I took nasty falls on a powder slope and the second one put me in Urgent Care and now in a brace. I will be on crutches for a few days until we get back to the city and see what the real damage is.
Some friends asked about my lunches and it was discussed that NOTHING stops me from getting to a hot load - as you know.

My husband was laughing because my doctor in Urgent Care was HOT and I was still trying to flirt.
Large hands, a bit of grey in the hair, tall and no wedding ring.
On the way to the clinic I took my cock ring off in the car since I knew they would need to see my legs.
After I was on my back the doctor asked if I could take off the sweats to see my leg and I said "Sure, but there is nothing underneath...ok!"
He left and then came back...but not before I tried to be sure the PA would show when he tried to move my leg.

Today I am in the house and hope to get out know I am on the lookout for any tearooms or possibility of straight or horny gay cock.

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Anonymous said...

hope the long pause in posting doesn't mean it wasn't so minor...