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Friday, December 12, 2008

Hung blond chokes me with his massive cock

This has been a great week for the booths...

Today I was done with finally processing some reports and took a break. It was a cold San Francisco afternoon and I thought some guys may be wanting to stay indoors and shoot some cum, so of course I headed to my favorite bookstore.
Once I got inside there were a few hot men walking around but all glory hole booths were full.

Finally I happen to see this hot guy standing in the height, facial hair, blond and smiling. We passed by each other a few times but never seemed to connect. Then I see MrMintyFresh from my two previous visits.
Well today he was in the mood for some fresh mouth but I saw him go into a glory hole booth. As luck would have it the blond went into the other one before I could make it over.
At first I thought "what, did I just get cut off in traffic?"
I bowed out and took another lap. On my second trek around (all of 30 seconds) I tried the doorknob of the blond. It was locked but then I heard a click. I opened the door and he signaled me in.

All I can say is WOW! If that grows I will be choking!!

Before I could even get his cock in my mouth he was pulling up my shirt and commenting on the chest hair. I was hoping that he was not into sucking because all I wanted to do was swallow every inch and his load.
Right away I got on my knees and took the plunge...literally. I took his cock to the base in one swallow just to feel it and he was a bit shocked based on his intake of breath.
Well, that set the tone for the next five minutes of intense cock swallowing, gagging and slurping deep throat action.

Once he knew what I wanted and could do he pulled out a leather cock ring and put it on. I took off my shirt because if he was going to blast that load I wanted to see it. Then I got down to business.
After that first deep throat and no gag I was ready to work it all the way and take it all.
As some of you know, I don't like to gag but it happens and this guy got hard each time.
There are guys out there that have the cocks for gagging and it scares some, which means they don't get the satisfaction of really fucking a face. I have some friends that comment when they see me swallow something that large that it is obvious I am in my utopia.

I set to work on making sure he had the most intense deep throat I could. Swallow it to the base, and then pull of to stroke the shaft was only one of the techniques we used...
Since we were in a well lighted booth I asked if we would like to use my video cam to take some video and he said sure.

This guy really got into me staying down to his balls often and a few times I felt his head push that extra inch and open my throat for him. On a couple of those head bursting moments I made sure to keep it there and use my throat to milk his cock.
This cock was large enough that when I took it all and then came back up for air there was that hot throat spooge that you get and it was hot to see the thin stream of clear spooge coating his head and shaft.
While I was working his cock I reached down to start stroking my cock and he encouraged me to work it.
I was in my element working a load out and he was getting close. I pulled his cock into my throat, let that head open up the extra inch. I pulled off and he took the opportunity to really fuck my mouth for a bit. Not too long because he was close and I was stroking my cock - we both needed to drop a load.

When he was ready to let loose he let me know and I leaned back to take it.
There was a few drops that hit my chest and then it came out onto my goatee and lips. Thick and white and so delicious.
There was enough that I used some of his cum to stroke my cock even more.
He kept the cum oozing and I was stroking my cock and leaning back to savor the flavor.
Then I shot my second load of the day all over my own shaft and pubes ( I was planning to let it all dry in my jock over the rest of the day).
After we both finished off he looked for a business card but I gave him mine...after all a repeat is fine with me and my husband has a fetish for hairy blond guys.

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