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Monday, January 23, 2012

Young flight attendant's tight ass and a tearoom dessert

Sometimes an early lunch is the best...

Today I had an errand to run and figured I would take an early lunch before.   As I was leaving I had a message from a bottom that was looking for my load yesterday. 
The timing did not work then, but suddenly I was in a position to swing by and feed his hole my cum.

Luckily his hotel was not far off, when you can hop on a cable car - they are not just for tourists, but who knew they would get me to a booty call...

He gave me the room number, and up to his room I went.

He was just getting his work uniform pressed as he was part of a flight crew. 
From his profile I knew he was here from England...and that sweet 25 year old ass was just bouncing in his sweat pants.
As I was getting undressed he laid face down on the bed.  

Now, this not so innocent guy told me that he already had six loads of cum.

I walked over to the bed and ripped his sweats down over his ass and he presented his pink tight hole.  I leaned in and got it spit lubed. 
He grabbed a bottle of poppers and rolled onto his back. 
Legs up in the air and a hit of poppers had him ready for my pierced hard cock.  As I got up to his hole, I asked if he wanted any lube or just the spit.
"Just spit"...okay! 

He already commented on how thick my cock looked, and when I began to slide up his cummy hole I saw him wince a bit. 
Being so accommodating, I told him to guide it in as he wanted and it was only seconds before I was buried up to my balls. 
I took a hit of poppers and started to slow fuck him. 
His ass was tight and I could feel all that cum sloshing around - and told him so.  Well, he was a pig in cum heaven...I know that look.

While riding  his ass I asked if he had cum at all...his replied no...and I asked if he was going to cum with me.
He told me that after I blast my sperm up his hole, he would cum.

Sweet, nothing better than the thought of seeing a young British kid's uncut cock blasting his load all over. 

I just took one more hit of poppers and began to give his ass a real home grown pounding. His eyes were wide open and he was taking the pounding. 
As I got closer to the edge, I let him know that he was about to get his ass creamed and that was all it took to push him over the edge.  His ass clamped down on my shaft and huge ropes of thick white spunk went flying over his stomach and chest. 
That did me in, and suddenly my cock was spasming and shooting spurt after spurt of cum into his tight ass to join those other loads.

Even as my orgasm was winding down, his ass was still twitching and I told him that I was still cumming.  I have no idea how much spunk was in his hole but damn it felt good as I slowly slid out.
He gave one quick push at the end to get the PA out ( I know how that feels when you are spent and can feel that extra inch of metal) and then let out his breath.
My cock was coated with my load and some of those lucky guys that were there before me. 

We both stood up and wiped up, then I headed out the door.  He may be back soon and I told him that I would give him a refill.

Now, as many of you know I moved offices and when I  was done with the young cum bucket it was only a few blocks to the old shopping district and the you know I had to make a quick run to see if anything was out there... and it was.
This next bit will be short, because in honesty it was a nice quick wham -bam.

I walked into the tearoom and there were two guys already there stroking.  I took up the last urinal and checked out the packages. 
The guy next to me had an above average sized uncut cock with a nice pink head glistening with precum. 
It seemed to be slow enough, but then traffic picked up.    He zipped up and headed out...
I followed and saw that he was going to an upper floor that I am aware of...and I followed.

We arrived at the next tearoom together and went in.  I could see that someone was in a stall but he stood at the urinal and started stroking. 
I took the next urinal and just licked my lips...and then leaned over to swallow that sweet uncut piece of meat. 
He knew what he wanted and as I used my hand to work his shaft and cup his balls, he was pushing my head down so that he could throat fuck me. 

Knowing that the guy was just two doors away, I was determined to be as quiet as I could but I was NOT going to let his cum go to waste.
He pushed more of his cock down my throat and I let him skull fuck me for a bit, then I grabbed his shaft to let me work on that foreskin and head. 
Both of us were determined that he unload  his nuts, and soon I could feel his shaft begin to swell in my hand. 
I went in for the load and when I tasted that sweet musky flavor I let him spurt the rest down my throat. 

He was so quiet that I came up off his cock, and when I squeezed a bit there was more cum!   I went right back down and swallowed it immediately.
I stayed over his cock while I milked three more times and got a nice thick squirt of man juice with each one. 
After I could not get any more out, I stood up and put my cock back in my jock and left.  
He looked back and smiled....

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