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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Giving him what he needs and taking what I want

I do so love to give a man just what he needs.

So, my thick hot buddy that helped ring in the new year and the new office works only a few blocks away.
I was running an errand and sent him a text. Told him I was down the block and offered to unload his balls again.
His response was "you wanna suck me in the stall?"
And you know mine was a yes...

He gave me directions to a far off corner bathroom in the building.
It took me some time to find, but when I walked in he was ready.

There were two stalls next to each other, but we shared one. From the entry you could never even tell there were stalls, so it was perfect.

He was sitting there with his legs spread open and I just got down on the floor and took his cock into my mouth.
As you could see from the videos, he has a nice thick shaft and I was stroking and swallowing every inch I could.

During the first few minutes of giving him head, we heard the door open and a couple of guys come in. They never even made it back to where we were.
After a couple of minutes more, he stood up and said "You're good, but I want to try something because it is kinda dirty"...and then he slid under the stall divider
and presented his lower body to me.
Well, I am all for taking a guy under the stall!

I went right back to work on his shaft and head. Once we heard someone come in and he pulled back under.
Once the coast was clear he slid back under. I was on hands and knees with his cock buried in my mouth.

Obviously this was a huge turn on, because it was not long before he was almost yelling "yeah, suck my cock!"

My slurping and fisting his cock, along with that chant made it sound like a hot early 80's porn and that was enough to get him off.
I heard the grunt, and saw his balls pull in as his massive load started to unleash into my mouth.
Then I started to feel the shaft enlarge and the sweet warmth of fresh cum began to fill me.

Once again he shot off a good four or five volleys of cum, all into my mouth with none being wasted.
Damn, that one king sized load!

As we both exited our stalls and washed up he told me that he "really needed that!" and I said that it was just what I needed before heading out of town.

Now that I have seen this stall, I hope to meet him there again and even bring along the video camera....I know you all would enjoy seeing that!

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