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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The 23 year old hightlight to my weekend

As many of you that have followed this blog over the years may realize it all began one year after a trip to Washington DC for a leather event.
Well, we just returned from that same trip and there was some hot cum blasting fun to be had by many.

On to the recap...

Friday night began fairly uneventfully.
We made our way up to one of the rooms with a "24/7" bottom being pimped out to whomever wanted to stop by and fill his holes.
Normally those can be fun, and my husband was the first of us to walk in and begin getting undressed and prepped by one of the hands and mouths in the room.

I made my way over to the middle of the room.
Standing in a pair of underwear with no ass (similar to a jock) was a very hot looking young guy. Not a twink, just a young lean hot man with scruff on his face and sexy hairy ass.
His cock was already in someone's mouth, but it did look mouth watering and I was hoping to get at least a taste.
While I was standing near him, a few guys took slurps on my cock or stroked me for a bit.
Then the cock sucker happened to move away and I made my move.

Leaned in, bent over and swallowed it all.
Apricot sized mushroom head, long shaft and all ending in a pair of peach fuzz covered nuts. Silky smooth skin and it just slid on my tongue.
Apparently it felt good, because he did not make any motion to have me move away.
I looked up and the expression on his face said it all...blissfully aware that I knew what I was doing and he was there to enjoy it.
After that, I went to town as I love to when I am on a cock that I want to fill me for hours.

Quickly, he leaned down and said "thanks!"....the other guy was basically trying to chew off his cock, and now I was there to do it the proper way.
Now, many of you know that I pride myself on being a cock sucker that sometimes fucks.
Just as there are guys that have asses made for large multiple loads, I have a hunger for cock and cum that is my priority and at this party I had found a cock made for it.

My young friend asked about poppers and I brought out my bottle of Amsterdam (just my personal favorite) and gave him a hit.
His eyes grew a few sizes and he had an almost ear to ear grin....his first time with that brand, and oh did he like it.
The sausage wrecker was making his way back to the scene and not only did I have no plans of giving up my young friends thick, long cock but he had the same idea.
He leaned down and asked if I had a room in the hotel. "Yes!", I said....and we both agreed to move our scene up there.
We got our clothes and I led him to our room. On the way out of the party room, I let my husband know and he agreed to let us have some privacy.

After we were in the room, the chemistry kicked up a notch. We were both turned on and ready for more.
With him laying on the bed, we had tongues and hands on all parts of each others bodies.
Laying there he said "you have kind eyes" and soon we were kissing more and feeling each other.

I asked him if he liked to have his ass eaten...and he said "yes, do you want to eat my ass?"
FUCK yes!
He rolled over and presented that sweet hairy ass to me. Oh, I just dove in and SLOWLY pulled his cheeks apart to let me see his tight puckering hole.
Using the tip of my tongue to pluck and tweak it, then I would use my whole tongue spit wash the hole.
Pull cheeks apart again and flick his hole until it twitched and then apply the whole tongue all over it again...and again...and again.

The conversation turned towards what else we wanted to do....I told him I liked to get fucked and also fuck tight young holes.
He is as versatile, and gave me permission to fuck his hole.
I was to be his first PA top fuck.

I grabbed the poppers and a bottle of lube.
He asked about which position I wanted and doggy style was how I wanted to see him. Ass up and hole puckering for my tongue, then my cock.
He got on his knees and with just a hit of poppers, I began to penetrate his ass.

TIGHT, furry and spit lubed.
He slowly opened up and I was soon buried to my balls. Once we both knew that his ass was fully prepared, I began to slow fuck his ass to be sure he was well stretched.
More and more, he relaxed and his ass was up in the air and I was pulling out so that only the tip of the PA was left and then slam back to let him feel it hit his prostate.
In the mirror I could see his young face looking back as my cock was riding up into his hole.

Feeling his ass muscles gripping my shaft with each thrust soon had me on the edge of exploding.
As I got nearer, I asked him if he wanted my load in his ass.
Once my balls were beyond the point of no return I let out a moan and felt the first built up volley of cum gushing out of my cock and filling his hole.
When the spasms died down, he leaned back into me and we started kissing again, until my cock slid out of his cum filled hole.

After I was fully drained, I offered his a shower. We both went into the bathroom and just did some touch up.
Then he asked if I wanted his load.
Sure! I said, if he was up for it.
"I could see it in your eyes that you wanted it" was his reply and I could only smile from ear to ear.

We went back into the bedroom and he said it would be harder to cum standing, so he laid back down on the bed.
I went down on his softened cock and coaxed him back up to full throttle.
During this second round of cock sucking I worked on his balls as well. First one, then the other and then both in my mouth at the same time.
He seemed to enjoy all of it.

After a few more minutes he told me to work on his nipples.
I moved further up to have access to those little buds of ecstasy and used my fingers, teeth, lips, and tongue to tease his load out of his balls.
Well, it was not long before his breathing sped up and I knew it was moments from eruption.

Suddenly I saw cum flying past my face at his nipples and it landed on his shoulder. Then two more shots of cum flew out and hit the left side of my head and more went over my head to hit his upper body.
After at least six or seven huge spurts of cum had coated us, I leaned up a bit and just had to admire the array of cum splatter....and then I had to begin to lick it all up!!

He asked me if it tasted sweet...and OH Fucken A, did it!
Licked up a huge wad that was on his shoulder and as I savored it, I leaned in and we began kissing again with his cum mingled in our mouths.

And that, gentleman, was the beginning of three days we spent with this young man.
A couple more group parties where we protected our young charge and let him direct the action as he wanted it, and a few more loads of cum being drained from multiple sets of balls.


The MaleSack said...

No pics of him?

The MaleSack said...

Any pics of him and his cock?

sfverscumboy said...

The ass is his. I did not have a camera, and too busy enjoying that hot young thing to take one. He gave me that after the weekend and I can guarantee it is his sweet ass.

Duo said...

WOW, seriously one of your most awesome posts! Sounds like such an amazing time! -Dan