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Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a quick load turns into a karate style suck

It was a chilly day here in the city so even I was not in an active chase mode.

We had been to a beer bust in the city and then decided to go visit a local spot that is always fun for a few loads.

Got to the bar and ordered a beer, then I went on my way to check out the cocks.
It was either too early or it was going to be one of those days - too old, too drunk or just not at all what I wanted.
I don't mind older cock but there are always going to be guys that are just out of our preferred range, whether old or young so I don't mean to offend anyone reading.
As many can attest, I have sucked off all ages and races except for anything illegal, that I will not do.

After making my way to the back I see there is not much, so I go back out to join my partner and have a beer.
I give it some time and decide to check it out again.

I see a guy that usually makes a bee line over to me but I am not always in the mood for repeat loads and continue looking.
Another guy comes in and is a bit tipsy,swaying a bit and groping himself but a drunk is not my thing either on this round so I try to be polite and ignore him.
Unfortunately the beer I drank needed to be recycled so I leave and this guy follows me into the urinal.

I am trying to be nice but he just stands there stroking and grabs my hand to stroke him.
Again, I try to be polite and say no thanks.
Without finishing what I went in for I leave.

While I was at the urinal fending off the drunk a hot fellow that I met at the shopping area and sucked off in the past walks into the bar.
Well, now this could be fun for at least one load then.

He heads to the back and I follow along.

We both go far enough that we should be able to do it quickly and quietly...well, guess who saw and is now standing right at my ear while I try to give a blow job -

You guessed it....drunk guy.

Ok, I can be polite and ignore it when someone wants to watch or just jack off while I am servicing but do not try to put your cock in my mouth while I am busy and especially not after I just told you no.
Since this guy did not get the message I used my arm to push his leg and figured that would give him a clue.


He then tried to grab the guys cock so I had to fend off that maneuver.

Fuck, I love to suck and service and can do my best with just about anything going on around me but this is the most persistent one in a long time and it is still early in the evening.
I am now working the guys cock and deep throating for about 5 minutes while having to use my arm and hands to avoid standing up and yelling at the guy.
Of course that is my last choice as I don't have any intention of letting my mouth off the cock.

Drunk guy FINALLY GETS THE CLUE and leaves.

Now that we are not playing" karate kid in training meets blow job" I can get back to business.

My top guy is now extra spit lubed and I am taking it all the way to the balls.
He decided to ramp things up and start piston fucking my face.
I open my mouth and let him fuck the hell out of my throat and use my tongue to tease the head while using lips to work the shaft on all of the out strokes.
It does not take long before he is close.

He pulls out of my mouth and strokes a few times before laying a hot thick load all over my face and goatee.
I can feel it completely coating my goatee and soaking in.

Now that he is finished I stand up and lean back to let my legs relax - in some places there is enough spilled beer and other trash that I hate to get my knees on the ground and will use my legs to hold me up the whole time.
He offers me a drink of his beer but mine is still beside me, so without wiping any cum off I take a sip.
We make some small talk while I keep licking my lips to eat the cum dripping down.

This is when my partner decides to come back and see what I am up to.
Well, since I am done it is time to head back to the front and finish my beer.

I make a quick stop in the stall and get a bit cleaned up.
My partner is there taking care of recycling his beer so I smile and say "yes, he came" then we head back to the bar and finish our drinks before heading home for the night.

I love having cum as a cocktail shooter and an appetizer before dinner!

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