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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm sorry but poppers are NOT lube!?

This is something that happened over the weekend and I was going to post it the next day since I did have some fun but I was not sure how to put into words the first half of the weekend.

How do you do justice to the episode of a poor young twink mistaking your bottle of poppers in your boot for lube??

My partner and I were both in the same pig mode and already checked out the bar scene and it was only so-so and the sex club is nearby.
This is a location that has multiple slings, TV's playing porn, and even some glory holes would think in San Francisco it would be packed.

As we have been there before we asked the door man if there were any guys inside.
This may seem like a silly question to guys in Denver where the Swim Club is or Phoenix that has Flex - both are busy with sexy hot horny men.
In San Francisco it can be amazingly vanilla and slow in a sex club - thanks to the local government and their version of an ostrich with head buried in the sand.
I understand the concern 20 years ago and appreciate it but that excuse does not sit with me at the age of 39 versus 19 - ok off of my soapbox.

I was walking around in my harness boots, cock ring and nothing else.
Once in awhile we agree that it is a pig night and we pack lube and poppers so I was prepared for some hot cock.
While wandering upstairs I came across a hot young guy stroking and watching porn.
Good combo and his hand was full of thick cock so I decided to see what I could do and got down to taste some cock.
He seemed to be very interested and let me work his cock over and lube it up. The moment arrived to take the cock and ride it.
I put my ass over his cock and figured a little hit of poppers would be enjoyable.

Before I could even get the bottle out of my boot and opened he reached for it. I thought, ok he wants some too and I can let him have a bit then I will have mine.
He thought the little square bottle was lube and immediately poured it on his hand and cock.

Well, hell - now WHAT do you do???

Not being in the position but knowing it evaporates I just went down on his cock with my ass.
Have to say that is a unique sensation that no amount of reading can prepare you for. It was not totally unpleasant but while I have heard of champagne enemas I can say that I have now had an Amsterdam enema.

Needless to say, I was not about to get fucked for hours and take a load at this point. I rode him until it was time to jump up and go further in the hunt.

It was a slow enough night that I found a hot ass up in the air by the glory holes and fucked him till I blew my load.
Right after I shot, my partner used my load as lube and gave the guy another ass full of cum.

It was late so we decided to call it a night.
I commented that I seemed to be a bit light headed and just not feeling right. When I told him about the poppers being lube episode he just roared out laughing and said "Well, that is why you feel like that" and we both laughed.
The next day I did check out my bottle of half full poppers and just hoped that the poor twink got home ok without being too "poppered" up as I was.

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