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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last time he dumped his load in my ass...this time I swallow it all

This afternoon I decided to skip the glory holes and headed to my tearoom in the shopping district.
Sometimes it seems Fridays are slow for shopping but busy for cruising.
Today was one of those exceptional opportunities.

After I entered the tearoom I could see two stalls were occupied so I took one of the empty ones.
Right away I could tell from the shadows on the marble floor that the next stall was checking me out.
In the marble floor I could see him stroking a hard cock so I knew it was just a matter of time and getting the other stall to empty out.
Patience can be a virtue when cock hunting.

Side note:
I want to buy a cocktail for the gay contractor that discovered marble is a wonderful material to use on bathroom walls and floors.
Years ago there was a tearoom in a historic hotel here in town that was so busy I would spend my lunch hour there and NEVER leave without having at least cock in my throat or up my ass.
There were even times when I would be on my knees sucking one while a guy in the next stall behind me would work my ass, play with my cock or even shove his cock under far enough to enter my ass.
And then there were the group bukkake scenes in the basement bathroom - one huge room full of marble so everyone could tell when it was time and we were all there for the same thing.

Finally after about five minutes the tearoom was empty and we both got into position to get off.
I was only in the mood to suck and swallow a load (rather than offer my cock for play) and my stall buddy was ready to give it to me.
He was stroking a bit so I put my face under the stall to let him know I was I looked up I was suddenly looking at the curved cock that fucked me in the retail store on Pride weekend. At that time he started out fucking me in the tearoom while two guys watched - Taking it all over from two dudes

Once we recognized each other we got down to the business of getting him off.

As I know, and apparently he does as well, in a public tearoom you have to be swift, discreet and ready to go at it fast and furious sometimes.

I did not plan to let this load get wasted on the floor or be interrupted before I could get every ounce of cum so I went into my deep throat mode.
While I was deep throating his cock I took a hold of a set of cum filled balls and worked then with my fingers and churned up that load.

The up curve of his cock helped plug my hole when he first fucked me (we are about the same height so it was a perfect "hook" to grab and stay in my ass).
He fucked my mouth as hard as he did my ass that first time.
After a few minutes of heavy tongue and throat work he told me it was time for him to shoot.
During this time we were the only two people in the stalls, so I nodded my head to let him know I was ready to swallow.

He started to shoot - and damn it was a thick load.
I could feel three hard blasts before he was even done moaning and he let loose a few more.
When he came in my ass last time I could feel his cock swell with each shot and this time it was more intense thinking that he had shot as much cum in my ass the first time!

I kept all of the cum in my mouth until he was finished and pulled out, then I finally swallowed it.
Sweet tasty load!

The outer door opened right after we completed our spunk feeding - talk about timing.
We both left and met up at the sink....a wink in the mirror and a mutual THANK YOU! completed the scene and off we went.

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