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Monday, July 28, 2008

Dore Alley head finale!

This weekend was our Dore Alley street fair.
A leather - fetish event that brings out some very hot men and when the weather cooperates there is an abundance of flesh and cocks.
This year it was a bit breezy and the infamous summer San Francisco fog made an appearance.

In years past I have been in a jock, cock ring, harness and not much else. This year it was chilly so I went with German flight suit and cock ring.
It offers the access that I prefer and also kept out the fog - I don't particularly like the version of "fog balls" that I get when it is cold...some guys can afford shrinkage but I don't think I fall into that category.
After getting a beer we took a tour of the vendors while checking out the flesh and outfits of the day.
Many possibilities for me to be on my knees as usual.

The cock fest began at an apartment building that we came across. In the upstairs window was a buddy of ours that I have tasted in years past.
He came down to the street to say hello and I had to comment on the fact that his cock was still in his jeans.
That was my cue to work it out of his pants and he agreed.
Buttons were popped and out came a hot thick cock.
The crowd was behind me and my partner was blocking one side but the buddy and I also have been in the public before with his cock buried in my throat so we were fine with me sucking him off right there.
After a few minutes he said he was not ready to cum and wanted to hold off so I stood up and we were on our way.

We made our way to one of the bars that offers clothes check to the fair participants.
Right outside was a hairy hot naked guy that I have had the pleasure of sucking in the past.
Fur everywhere and a huge mushroom head, perfect for filling a hungry mouth.
This year he has a video camera and we decided it should be used for some footage of his cock buried in my throat.
I obliged and went down right there on the curb.
If he passes along the video and gives me permission I will add a link to it later.

After getting past the hundreds of guys around the entrance, in the doorway and in the front of the bar we got a cocktail and headed into the throng.
With hundreds of half dressed men you can imagine the scene and there were cocks out for discrete action.
I wanted to taste a few of my own but it was so damn busy and packed that it was really a hindrance.

Note to guys reading this: if the bar is PACKED and you are sucking or getting sucked, take a moment to be sure your neighbor has the same opportunity rather than sticking your ass into the aisle and blocking the flow of cocksuckers and load givers!

I did get one tasty cock into my mouth on our way out the door.
Once again, it was a guy not able to cum with a crowd so I took my leave and let him continue edging with the other cock suckers in the bar...we went out to find fresh meat on the street.

Not long after leaving the bar we were in the crowd and I was on the prowl.
I spotted a group of half dressed men and went over. Sure enough there were cocks out and I was ready.
There were a couple very impressive ones and even a few with Prince Albert piercings, so I went to one and asked if he minded me going to my knees with his cock in my mouth.
He said it was fine and down I went.
Going down on him for a few minutes with cameras flashing and videos running I had a taste of every inch.
He was leaking precum and since his friends were all out and hard I decided to stand up and see what was around.
I see a buddy of his behind me already out and hard, sticking right at my face and at the perfect level...don't need to hit me in the head with a brick, Ia get the hint.
It was thick and with a full mushroom head...what do you think I did?
HELL YES, I went right down on that.
I was going to town, deep throating - stroking and sucking while guys were taking video and pics all around us.
The head just kept getting larger and the shaft was so thick I was in pig heaven on this one.

While I had this cock buried down my throat I felt a hot load shooting all over my lower back and ass.
Apparently while I was busy my partner was playing with the first cock and his buddies.
During all of his playing my partner was ready to shoot and his load is the one that was all over my back and running down to my ass.
If only there was a cock to use that cum for lube!
Now it was time to head off to see the remainder of the fair.

Cut to the finale and the hottest load of the day.

We had enough of the street fair and went to a local bar.
It was packed with other fair attendees and other local men in the mood for some cock playing fun.
There was a hot young guy sitting on a bench and he kept making eye contact when I walked by.
At one point I was walking by and a drunk guy was trying to get this cute guy to let him play.
Cute guy said "no, thanks" politely and the drunk finally got the message (he was not pushy or rude, just tipsy) and when he stepped away I said " I would love to take that out, if I may"...he said yes and out came an uncut piece of thick tasty meat.

When I can tell the guy I am sucking would prefer discrete I oblige.
This guys was up for some fun but did not want everyone to join in. That was fine with me and I love to take care of a cock without interruption or distraction if I can.
I was deep throating him while keeping my actions to a minimum so we did not attract attention and I was able to work him over.
We went at it for some time and then there was enough notice that he became a bit shy.
He asked for break to let the attention die down and I was ok with that.
We discussed that he was local so I gave him my contact info.

Now for the FINALE ....

Earlier we ran into the red head I sucked off to completion at a trough a couple of weeks ago (see post of July 12) and he was with another sexy young red head.
I did not expect to see this buddy of his later in the day so it was a very pleasant surprise to see him at the bar.
My partner was talking with him and it was determined that I needed to get his cock down my throat and take his load.
You don't need to tell me twice!!!

Out came A) thick
B) uncut
C) red head
D) mushroom head
E) did I say red head?

I took that tasty piece of meat and proceeded to give it the best blowjob I could.
There was so much meat I was slurping, gobbling and tonguing every inch.
My partner was behind him playing with his nipples and giving encouragement, as well as telling him to fuck my mouth.
While I was going sucking him off I saw that his cock head was getting bigger.
While his cock head was growing HUGE it was also turning that hot shade of red that can only be achieved by a true red head when he is ready to blast out a thick tasty cum load.

I pulled off just enough to get a quick breath and that huge swollen red head was staring me in the face and I was drooling.
He said he was ready to cum and my partner told him that I wanted it and to let it shoot.
That was all it took and he flooded my mouth with a thick hot spurting load of cum.
Blast after blast coated my throat.

I swallowed every drop, stood up and we all took a breather to re-adjust.
The crowd had seen it all, and gave their approval.

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