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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

German facial from a flight crew member

Visiting flight crew can be extremely fun to play with.

This morning I got a text on a cruising app for my phone. Hot young guy staying in a hotel nearby and asking what I was up to.
Being honest, I said that it was almost time for lunch.
He asked if I wanted him for lunch...and, of course I had to say yes.

Before I headed over, he sent me a cock pic. Nice thick looking uncut cock. Yum!
As I walked out the door he asked about showering and I told him it would not be necessary. He said okay and gave me the room number.

When I got to the room, he opened the door and I was surprised at how big he was...not bear size big but just built and taller than me. I am sure the look of hunger in my eyes was not a surprise to him though.
Immediately he pulled me into the room and we started kissing.
His ear to ear grin was a match for mine.
Having read on the profile that he lived in Germany, I was not sure if he was a native or just stationed there but he was 100% authentic German stud.

Undressing next to the bed was done slowly, and then he guided me on the mattress and pushed my legs up.
His mouth went straight for my hole and he began to lick, rim and thoroughly get into my ass. As some of you know, getting my ass eaten and spit lubed is a sure way to make me putty in your hands.
We had not talked about anything more than sucking and I was not sure where it was going...but I was along for the ride and I wanted to taste that cock.

His mouth kept up a steady barrage on my hole and he stroked my cock at the same time. Finally, after more of that delicious rimming he turned around and presented me with a mouth full of cock.
He was sporting a cock ring that circled the shaft and balls so they were just as large as could be. He aimed that thick cock down to my throat and at the same time he pulled my ass up for his mouth.
Nothing better than having your ass eaten while being fed a slab of thick uncut meat.

This went on and on, and then I wanted to return the favor and give his cock the attention it deserved. With him on his back, I went down and pushed until that cock was stretching my throat and I could hear him moaning. When I came off and stroked him, I was rewarded with glistening drops of precum leaking out of his hole.
Once he had enough cock sucking, he positioned me on top of him. As my ass slowly rubbed against the foreskin of his cock, and we kept up the kissing I could tell it was progressing to a tight fuck.
With the nice slight upcurve that his cock has and my hole being right there, it was not long before he was knocking on the door.
I reached back and guided him towards my eager hole. Once he was there, he pushed forward and I slid back.
Finally he was fully buried in my ass and we rode that way for a few more strokes.

He wanted to get his camera, and quickly was back on the bed.
As we kept kissing he slid a condom onto his thick was stretched nice and tight. He asked if I had a favorite position and I said on my stomach.
More kissing and he turned me around and took some more pics of my ass and his cock...then he pushed forward and filled my ass again.
We were not using lube and the idea of being fucked with spit is always hot, and I was just fine with it.

As he fucked me harder and harder, I could feel him getting deeper and deeper with each thrust.
He was pounding the hell out of my prostate while I leaned back to keep up the spit swap kissing. Pre cum was leaking out of my cock like a sieve and I kept my hands on the bed to avoid stroking. I could feel those cum filled balls banging into my ass. HOT!
The next position he moved me into was on my side while he was still buried to his balls.
We stayed in that position for a short time and then he maneuvered me onto my back.

In this position, I could feel every inch and he was ready to deliver an ass pounding fuck. Legs up in the air, uncut cock buried in my ass and the camera in his hand was all a turn on. I was his pig and he knew it.
As he kept fucking me, I told him that I wanted his cum all over me.
I love a good hard fuck and he was in no hurry - and I was up for taking it like a champ.
With how relentlessly he was fucking me, I was not sure if I was going to be forced to shoot my load before him.
Eventually he slowed down, smiled, pulled out and came around and stood at my head. I was still on my back, so he just stood there and fed me his cock again and I let him use my throat and mouth.
He pulled out and started to stroke and in seconds I felt the hot splash of cum hitting my chest, and then it began to coat my chin and lips. With each stroke that I watched there was more cum being added to the creamy goodness that was being poured onto me.

After the last drop was drained, I licked what I could from the head.
After that he came around the bed and I sat up, we saw that the condom had been torn to pieces.
As much as that thick load would have felt exquisite in my ass, I was a pig in heaven to have the chance to see, feel and taste it all.

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