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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A new hung buddy in the neighborhood

It was a slow day in the office, and I had already been chatting with a hot young grad student.
He is visiting family and was trying to get away for a blow job.

Well, after lunch a hot furry guy that had chatted with me earlier said hello.

He asked what was up and I said that I was at work, but horny.
He replied back with the same.
So, I suggested a cock swallowing session. He did not have a place nearby so I told him to head down my direction.

We met on the street and I led him to a bathroom that is private and would be perfect. I shut the door, locked it and turned around.
Right away we both smiled as we began to undo his pants.

This guy was tall, not bearish but a football players build with some great legs that I saw as he slid his underwear down.

He was not fully hard, and as you know, that is not at all a problem. Earlier he said the he does not get sucked often, because it seems that many guys are not good at it when they perform on him.
Now, since he knows of this blog he did say that he thought I would be up for it...and I said that I practice often.

I began with swallowing all of his cock into my mouth.
As I had that resting on my tongue, I reached up to cup his balls.
His nuts were very large, and hung down..just the kind you can imagine bouncing all around as the cock is buried in a hole!
Feeling those cum filled orbs, I just took my time and did what I do best to get a guy hard...slow and steady with the tongue, lips and throat.

It was not long before blood began to fill that tool, and it began to expand.
With each slurp it would jump and grow a bit more.

He was taking a few turns on my nipples and I undid my shirt to let him have access, and then I went back to his meat.

Now, after a couple of minutes I noticed that he was beginning to moan and vocalize more, and his cock was getting thicker and thicker.
Damn, soon I had a beer can stuffed in my mouth and you know how happy that makes me.

Once he was so thick that I had to work on breathing, I kept up the ball contact and started working the head with my tongue...
That seemed to do the trick.
Soon he was really beginning to get into it and he was fucking my mouth as much as I was trying to guzzle him to the base.

After feeling that super-sized cock begin to expand I knew it could not be long before he was going to drain a load.

His pumping faster into my mouth and the moan told me it was time. His cock swelled and I felt the first volley hit my tongue.
I savored the taste, but he was not done with my mouth and I swallowed fast to give the rest of his swimmers plenty of room to keep cumming.
And cum, they did.
More and more, swallow, breathe, swallow.
I could smell and taste the essence of his cock.

Well, when he was empty I took my hand and milked the shaft a few times to be sure and licked the head clean.

Both of us had ear to ear grins when I looked up.

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