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Friday, May 18, 2012

Five days of cum

Ok, this has been one hell of a week for cum loads!!

Since last Friday I have been fortunate to service every day, sometimes more than once...and today was the fifth day in a row...damn.

Last week I had an inquiry about this blog.
The guy found me on the scruffy man app, and told me he loved lunchtime fun and wanted to see the blog.
I sent the link to him, and he sent me a torso pic...lean swimmer build, flat stomach and just a hint of pubes and cock showing in the unbuttoned jeans.
Well, you know that I had to suggest that I would gladly pull him out and swallow a load.

He sent a note asking when lunch was, and I replied that it could be arranged due to the feeding time.
I do like to be flexible for my cum feeding friends.

On that day, he was heading across the bay, so we missed out on connecting.
He asked for some extra pictures and I sent a cock sucking shot from the blog.

I also told him that if he were in my neck of the woods, to hit me up.

Today he sent a note asking if I was around at a specific time for a feeding.
I replied that I could be.
Over the next few minutes we went through the details, and he was on his way.

Having seen his picture on the app, I knew him when we met on the street.
As I led him to my new favorite spot, I could not wait to see what was under his torn jeans.

Once we were inside and the door was locked, I took off my baseball hat as he took off his shirt.
I reached out to grasp his belt buckle and began to undo it.
Once it was undone, he undid the buttons and I saw he was going commando.
I was looking directly at that pic of his pubes and cock base!

Getting down on my knees, I reached out and took his cock into my hand.
He was soft at this point, so I started working on getting him erect....which did not take long.

I do indeed love a grower, and when he was at full attention it was a beautiful long straight cut cock with a mushroom head topping it off.

Right away we found that he was going to be a fun, full deep throat blow job.
I eagerly devoured his cock all the way down to his furry cum filled balls.

Once we got into a rhythm, I was ready for a piston face fuck, and he was up for providing it.
Swallow to the base, cup the balls and slide off until the head was resting on my tongue.

I had seen his bubble butt as the jeans came down, and I reached around to grab one of those tight little globes and kept up the cock sucking.

After a few minutes of that, he determined that is was time to lean against the sink and he led me over.

Back between his legs, I eagerly took his rock hard cock back into my mouth.
I pushed more of it down my throat this time, and even felt that extra two inches that many guys have.
As that pushed down my throat, I heard him let out a moan, and I knew he was feeling how tight and hot my throat would be.

Well, obviously he enjoyed that so much that it turned me into a cum hungry pig and I let him pummel my tonsils while I had a grip on his tight little ass.

I had spit and throat slime running down my chin as he and I kept skull fucking my mouth.
Soon, I had gone for so long that I needed to swallow, and I let out a small gag - which also shot a dollop of pre cum out of my cock and onto the floor.

Somehow he grew even harder, and it was a non-stop deep throat skull fuck tonsil pounding blow job.

I did not know who was going to burst and finish first...there was so much pre cum and spit that I was almost drowning but he just kept sliding down my throat and I just let it run down my chin.

He hit that point of no-return and let out a moan to let me know.
I honestly don't know if he meant to, or it was just such a huge load about to unleash that he needed to prepare.

I felt the shaft swiftly expand, and then my mouth filled with cum.
Swallowing the cum, pre cum and my spit all in one gulp, I wanted more and he kept unloading.

With his nuts fully and completely drained, and with me on my knees just savoring the feast, we both needed to catch our breath.

I then stood up as he slid his cock back into his pants.
It was time to exit that room, and I noticed that it had that smell of a sex intense sweat filled nook.

Outside, we went our separate ways and as I got down the block I sent him a note to say thanks for the hot load and let him know that I was adding our encounter to the blog.
His response was "hot mouth :)", and "I'll have to come back for more".

Yes indeed.

Stay tuned and maybe next time I will hand him my camera so you can see the blow job from his point of view.

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