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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quick load in the stall from a buddy

I was out and about at lunch...okay, I cruising the shopping district and not having much luck.
Sometimes there is just too much traffic for my tastes.

As I was on my way out the door I saw a guy that fed me in the past.
We made eye contact, and instantly he knew what I wanted.
I turned around and made sure that it was apparent where I was headed in hopes that he would follow.

I led the way into the department store nearest to us, and went into the bathroom.

He was right behind me, and we took the large stall in the back.

Before the door was locked he was already starting to undo his pants.
As I turned around, I could see that he was already pulling out his cock and letting it hang down.
He has a downward curve, low hanging balls and a pink mushroom head that begs to be worked over.

Seeing that plopped in front of me, I dropped to my knees and wasted no time in swallowing the head and shaft.

From past experience I knew that he loved the idea of video, I asked if he wanted my Flip camera.
He smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said yes.

I pulled out my Flip camera and handed it to him.
Then I instantly went right back down on his cock to continue servicing.

I know what he likes and I was there to give it to him.
Deep throat with lots of attention paid to his mushroom head and smooth shaft.

Some quick deep swallows followed by shaft stroking.
He may have already been on the hunt for a cocksucker, because it was not long before I could taste the pre cum leaking out of the piss slit.

More mushroom head slurping, and some extra stroking of the shaft led him to the edge.
He took over stroking his cock as I eagerly opened my mouth and let him picture where he should blow his sperm.

Soon he was at the brink and I knew it was time!

As I suspected would happen, the first shot went over my cheek.
Some of that shot also went into my mouth and a dollop landed on my tongue.

With my mouth open, he stroked the next few spurts into my mouth.

White creamy cum slowly oozed onto my tongue, and I let him place the rest of his load on my lips.
I just had to be sure to get every drop and he was willing to feed it to me.

Balls drained, I looked up and he had a smile on his face...perfect quick blow and go.

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