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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm ready for my close up - Video company screen test #1

Wow, my goatee has residue of a thick load and my balls are drained.

A few weeks ago a producer and cast director for emailed me about a video they were planning to film in LA and asked about my referrals of LA cocks.
He is a blog reader and also saw my clips on Xtube and knew that I would be interested.

I contacted a few buddies in LA but unfortunately I could not go down to be one of the glory hole cock sucking cum pigs.
He mentioned that they would be in San Francisco soon as well...

Fast forward to today - I had an email yesterday from one of the company partners asking me to meet up and give a first hand demonstration on his 7 x 5 cut cock.
Of course I said YES!

He flew up and I headed over to his hotel room.

I arrived while he was outside getting some fresh air and he recognized me.
Because I had only seen a picture of the cock I was going to service I immediately thought "HOT, HOT, HOT guy" and I knew I was in for a fun afternoon.
Shaved head, facial hair, lean tight body and I could tell a hot hairy chest.

Upstairs we began undressing and already we were both sporting some thick wood in our black jocks.
He had a beautifully shaped thick cock and it was not long before I had to get on my knees and taste it.
You know I totally get into deep throating a cock and his was a perfect fit and had a curve that let me get him all the way to his balls.
We found that we have similar cocks, with an extra thick vein underneath and a hard full of shaft when rock hard.
His cock gets thick at the base so it was awesome to feel it slowly stretch my mouth with each inch.

After a good oral warm up he moved towards the bed and I got down on my knees to service his cock.
He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back to give me total access to his cock and balls.
With that angle he was able to thrust up and fuck my face for awhile - then he sat up so I could deep throat and work on his balls.
I licked his balls, worked on one then the other and sucked both into my mouth while he moaned and stroked his cock.
While he was sitting up getting sucked he began to pull on my nipples.
Of course he found out that my pierced nipples are directly connected to my cock and I told him to pull as hard as he wanted to.

He asked if he could take pics and I said "sure - you can even take a video", which he wanted to do.
For the next round of sucking, he shot it on film - YES, don't worry, once he sends me the copy it will be posted at his request and with no argument from me!

This whole time we were both leaking precum in buckets and he would stop to stroke my cock and tell me jack off while my mouth was filled with his cock.
I would swallow him to the base, getting it spit lubed and then work on the head while stroking the shaft.

Suck, swallow, spit, stroke, slurp - REPEAT.

We decided that his load would go all over my face on film and then he would keep it the camera rolling while I jacked off with his cum.
I got down to business, took a hit of poppers and got him buried beyond the base.
Damn, he tasted so good and felt so thick and full in my mouth that I would have taken his balls down my throat with every inch of his cock if I could.

When he was ready I leaned back, opened my mouth and eagerly took his thick load.

Nothing better than looking up and seeing a guy shooting his load on my goatee and tongue.
He stroked with my spit coating his cock and was ready to shoot - spurt after spurt coated my tongue.
He told me wipe it up and eat it, which I was happy to do but I had to leave a bit to taste and jack off with.

Now it was my turn.
I leaned back and started stroking for my own load.

As I have said before cock sucking is not a part time hobby for me- it is an activity that I love to do and it is all about the guy I am with getting off and leaving with a smile but less cum in his balls.
If I don't cum, fine...
But today we wanted to catch my load on film and after 30 minutes of deep throat cock sucking, nipple play, poppers and tasting a huge cum shot I was ready.

I leaned back, stroked, stroked and pulled my cock - now I was ready to blow.

He told me it was a huge load and based on what I saw on the nice dark blue carpet it was a large load - of course, his load was still lingering and that smell of fresh cum always get me off.

It was originally planned to meet up tonight,but after those loads he asked if I could go back for another screen test...stay tuned for the update.

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