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Friday, May 9, 2008

Fucked in the stall of busy bathroom

I was out and about downtown this afternoon and decided to check out the shopping district - it had been awhile and lately there seem to be more homeless camping in the stalls rather than hot business men needing to shoot a load.

I walked in and it was pretty grim. Only one stall occupied and that was, pardon the politically incorrect term, a nut case.
He was obviously having some type of argument with the toilet paper or his imaginary friend because he was yelling, and swearing but no else was around.
Ok, time to head outside.

I took a break and walked around the area and headed back to check out if the nut case had finished his episode.

There was a new person in the stalls, and on further checking not interested so I was on my way out to call it a day when I see a young black man I have played with before.
College age looks, glasses, short hair, wearing a T-shirt...looks like he just took a break from campus and needs to check out the tearooms.

He and I have met before in the stall so today he goes back to the largest stall and leaves the door open.
He is already hard and stroking.
By the way, I should mention that he is not only hung but uncut.
Double bonus!!
Anyway, back to the hot stall action....

He is stroking already so I go in and shut the door (the other guy is still in the bathroom).
I bend over and take the foreskin into my mouth to give it a good lick and stroke with my lips, tongue and a bit of chewing to pull it all over the head.
He always likes this and right away begins to leak pre cum.
Nice thick pink head just peeking out of that dark skin - hot.

He is thick enough to fill my mouth and long enough that I can bury him down my throat and have my nose right up against his stomach, so of course I give this cock some much needed throat attention.

While I am bent over with his cock in my throat he has been fingering my ass. I am wearing a jock as usual so he has easy access.
After a few minutes of this I stood up and turned around.
At this time we heard someone enter the bathroom so I was going to wait a moment but he began pushing into my ass with no lube or spit.
With just the pre cum, he slid up to my hole and I could feel the foreskin pulling back to let his cock start to slide in.
The guy that entered the bathroom was finished and heading out, while the first guy was still in the stall.

My buddy is now fully buried in my ass and begins to fuck me.
Long hard strokes and since he is in his early twenties it is ROCK hard.
We are about the same height so no need to do anything but stand up, spread my legs a bit and let him go at it.
Once again, someone enters the bathroom and this time goes in the stall right next to us.
My buddy takes a moment to pull out and work some more pre cum onto his cock for the next round.
Then he shoves back in.

I now have about 9 inches of black uncut cock buried in my ass and I am trying to be quiet.
He reaches around to play with my nipples and cock while taking slower strokes.
Working my nipples while thinking about all the foreskin and smooth dark cock buried in my tight ass gets me horned up.

The guy next to us stands there a bit and then leaves (we could see the shoes).
About now I am leaking pre cum of my own and not touching my cock. Sometimes I like to just enjoy the moment and let the other guy just use my hole till he is done.
He picks up the pace and I can tell he is getting close so I let him know I am ready for it.

One or two more final thrusts and I hear him moan and grunt...then he stays in my ass while unloading a thick creamy load.

I pull my pants back on and head out while there is a break in traffic.

At the sink, he gives me a huge grin and we both leave - he is about 8 ounces lighter and I am ready for lunch after that little work out.

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