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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dry spell is over...5 times over to be exact

It has been a very busy week in the office and not much time to get out and about. I was trying to remedy that this week but there just were not any other horny guys on the same schedule as me.

So I decided to head up to the booths and check it out.

Not many guys so I was a bit worried.
There were two guys in one set of the glory hole booths, the doors were locked so it was either wait for one to finish and hope for a horny second or find another glory hole.
The other glory hole had a guy on the other side that was not interested...and it appeared he was not into anyone since about 6 guys went in and checked him out and all left. He was sitting there with everything buttoned up and zipped up.

So I went back to see what the two guys were up to.
One of the duo decided to leave and as he walked out I recognized one of my business suit regulars that is hung nice and thick, and shoots huge loads that always have me gasping for air after he shoots.
I was about to go into his booth to see who the other half of the glory hole encounter was when that door opened and it was a second guy I have sucked off before.

Quandary....who do I suck off now.
Well that decision was taken by the second guy as he motioned me into his booth.

Silvery blond hair, mid 30's, wearing his suit and thick mouth watering cock out for a load.
He knew what I wanted and we got down to it.
I was bent over so he could play with my ass while I went down and took his entire cock to the balls.
He has a very thick cock, huge mushroom head and just long enough to pass into my throat when I have him buried till my nose is in his crotch.

We go at it and he keeps pushing my head down onto his cock and I am devouring every inch I can get and then some.
After about 5 minutes he is ready to blow his load and lets me know, then asks if I want it.
Since my mouth if filled with cock I just moan and nod my head.

He blasts a thick load down my throat and I take it, then pull back a bit to let the rest fill my mouth.
When he is done he leans back and just says "Wow".
I thank him and say it was a great load and tastes awesome.

Time to wander since it has been awhile and I have time.

After a few laps around I see the first glory hole guy and he is ready for me.
He motions me into one booth and right away he starts to undo his suit pants.
Wearing boxers today and his balls are hanging nice and low in the heat.

I go down and take him from soft to full on hard.
He is always minty tasting for some reason and today is no different.
I have one load already in me and I know he will give me a second so I am horned up for his cock.
He is thicker than average and a perfect mushroom head on a straight shaft.
I think he could hear me and the first load going at it because he is leaking pre cum faster than usual.
Not long after I am deep throating him he is getting thicker and ready to shoot.
He asks if I want it....well, yeah!
I nod once again and he lets loose.

His loads blast so hard and thick that I always get caught off guard and have to swallow fast and make room for the next blast.
When I don't time it right, it is that feeling you get when you swallow something wrong and have to catch your breath. He alway apologizes and I always just smile up and say "no problem!".

Well, that is load two and I figure that is good.
On the way out I catch a hot shaved head guy in corduroy pants with an absolutely obscene bulge wrapped around his thigh.
He is standing in front of the glory hole booths so I go in.
No point in passing up a great cock on the way out!

He enters the other booth and knows what I want.
As he begins to undo his pants I am anticipating that bulge but nothing prepared me for it.

It was HUGE, curved up like a letter J and as thick as a baby's arm.


He was obviously horny and close. I took every inch of that and from the way he was reacting I don't think many guys are able to take it all with the curve.

I get him down to the balls and make sure to keep it there and work my throat and tongue around it.
He gets into that and begins thrusting a bit while I suck and take it all.

Not long after, he is shooting some hot thick cum.
One blast after another.
Once he is done, he stands back and pulls one last drop out that just sits on the end of his cock.

That was the first half of the day. Ready for more....

I got a new camcorder in the mail today and wanted to check it out at the booths.

I went back later in the day and it was still slow. I had my shirt off and wearing just a wife beater tank and shorts which caught the eye of one very hot black man.

He and I have traded glances for awhile and today he got aggressive and took me into a booth.

He is shaved head, extremely athletic build, dark ebony skin and a thick uncut cock.

Right away he strips off his shirt and drops his shorts so I do the same.
I am on his cock and taking it all while feeling a nice set of low hanging balls. He is definitely into getting sucked and once he realizes I will and can take it all to the base he begins to fuck my face and push my head down to take it all.

He also is into nipple play so we are set to go.
I take his cock, stand up to pull and bite his nipples and go back down.
While I am turned on already he decides to return the favor and swallow my cock.

We go back and forth for awhile and then he tells me he is close and needs to cum.
I ask where he wants to put it and we decide on my face so he gets me on my knees and fucks my face some more.
I am ready and he is now set to give me his load.

I can feel each shot and it is so thick that some starts to drip down but only those rope thick cum shots.
After a good 5 to 6 shots he is all smiles and thanks me for the blow.
No thanks needed I say and I am just grinning with all of that spooge coating my face.

Well, now it is time to meet up with my partner so I am heading out when I see a hot college jock type.
Guess who?

The same guy I sucked off while the video producer was filming me. He is cock #2 that day.

Link here.

Thick, hairy and shy at first but damn when we get going he grows!
Just like last time he lets me suck him full on hard, and pulls back to do some edging and stroking.
Today he edged once and then let me have his cock again.
This time he decided to fuck my mouth for a longer time and I knew the reward was a thick load so I just worked his shaft and head while he thrust into my mouth.

He is ready to blow and again he shoves his cock all the way and swells twice as big.
The load today was sweet and tasty in addition to being a thick mouth filling gallon of cum.

That is it...time for short break - ok, at least until tomorrow.

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