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Monday, May 26, 2008

IML Chicago 2008 - the dance, the top and the video

Just got back from Chicago and felt I should update a bit.

I was able to suck a few really hot thick cocks over the weekend and went to a play party in the hotel.
A buddy of mine works for an "adult video" company that requested a top scene from me. I agreed and if the footage actually gets used I will add a link here.

Now for some of the details...

The dance:

While at one of the large organized parties for the event we were all in a huge ballroom with the music playing, drinks flowing and men half dressed and ready for some action.
A couple was dancing nearby and one of the guys asked if I wanted to suck his cock.
Well, don't twist my arm.
He pulled down his shorts and out came a third leg!

I got down on my knees and went to work. While I was down giving a quick suck, his partner was getting turned on and they decided to have me work on both of them.
His partner was not hard in the beginning and I was ready to get it full rock on hard.
Once it was full on hard it was another extra leg...bonus! Two guys, hung rock hard cocks and wanting to use my mouth.

Of course, with this being a dance in the hotel we were not able to get a cum load and we took a break for a cocktail.
Later on we ran into the couple but we were all in a great buzz mode and they had plans to head out to one of the bars.

The party:

During the weekend a group of guys had a bareback party in their suite.
I was there in my boots, cock ring and ready for action.
There were some really hot men that I had seen over the course of the days and while walking around so it was going to be a hot time.
I topped a couple of hot asses and then I came across a very popular top in chaps and leather "cowboy" hat - just like a certain Australian movie about a hot rancher from Snowy River.
This top was going at it and I was waiting for my chance at that cock riding my ass.
He and I exchanged glances and then he asked the bottom he was fucking if he was up for being double fucked.
I have never double fucked and this cock was at least 9 1/2 inches, uncut and if he wanted to share an ass with me , HELL YES!

He laid on his back and the bottom sat on his cock at the end of the bed.
I came up behind and shoved my cock up his ass while the Australian cock was buried to the hilt. Since I was in there, I started working my cock and fucking his ass... with my PA and that thick cock, the bottom was moaning for more.

The bottom had enough and needed a break.
Once that cock was out of his ass, I bent down to clean it up and keep it rock hard.
Since the top obviously ready for more I asked if he would take a shot at my ass - he just smiled and said he was ready.
I got on my knees and he came up to my ass...I had not been fucked so it was going to be tight fuck and once he was ready I pushed back.
He buried that hung cock up my ass and started POUNDING my ass hard.
I was in pig heaven with a hot uncut thick hung cock buried over and over and over in my ass.

Being a play party, it was time to take a break and get more cock and ass.

Topping for the porn company:

During the weekend I touched base with a guy that worked for a porn company in San Francisco...this year he is working for another company and they needed some tops for a sling scene.
I agreed to be one of the tops and stopped by the room to get some details and arrange the timing.
There was a hot young uncut guy there. He was to be the bottom for the shoot so I was very interested.
On the day of the shoot, there was a different bottom - damn, I wanted that uncut tattooed young tight ass to get my load.
Well, there was a change of plans at the last minute and they brought up the uncut young bottom.
About 6 of us got stripped down to leather boots, vest and cock rings. I went to work fluffing some of the other tops....they were HUNG and oh boy was I ready to get them rock hard.
One guy had his partner there to help fluff and commented that he was a fantastic fluffer and cock sucker, and I took the challenge to show him what I could do.
Well, he was hard, close to 10 inches I would guess and a hot mushroom head.
I went down and opened my throat and took him to the balls. He seemed to swell up and I could hear the change in breathing so I knew he was not disappointed.

During the video shoot we all needed to be sucking and fluffing between taking turns on the tight ass so I was totally up for all of it.

After all the fluffing, fucking and hard cocks I took my turn at dumping my load in that tight ass.
I shot my load, pulled out and went to let him lick my cock clean.
After he had cleaned off my cock I bent over and we kissed nice and deep, swapped some spit and my cum along with his ass juice and the other load in his ass.

That is all for now...have to get back to updating Xtube with the gloryhole videos my buddy took during the screen test early in the month....

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