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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lunch with my partner and then cum for dessert

Since we got back from IML on Monday and he had an appointment, my partner took the day off.
He and I rarely get to have lunch together so he called and asked if I had already made plans or had any ideas for hitting the glory holes.

I was too busy in the morning after taking off last week for IML that I said "no plans but why don't we meet up".
He came down , met me and we headed out. We went for lunch and then decided we could check out the glory holes.
I am a cock sucking cum pig at heart and he also loves to suck a cock - he is hung, full huge mushroom head and pierced so inevitably he is the guy being sucked.
Sometimes guys freak out if a couple walks in and sometimes we just have different tastes and ideas of what we are looking for so he went up ahead.

I got there and it was semi busy but not much going on at first.

We both took a few laps around and I ran into one guy my height, silver hair and a nice mushroom head.
Sucked him for about a minute and he said he was close.
I told him to shoot all over my face then.
Nice thick load and since I had no cum towel I rubbed it into my mouth and smeared my goatee with the load, then went out for another load.

My partner was in a booth already getting a blow job and I saw a guy with his door open.
Went in and he was already hard and shirtless.
Hairy chest, about my height and build sporting some hairy cum filled balls hanging below a hefty thick cock.
I was ready to take him in my mouth but he wanted to go slow and just do some nipple playing.

He also liked the look of my hairy ass and said it would be hot to fuck me.
I told him it would also be hot to shoot his load on my ass, then I could walk out with his load coating my hairy hole.
We went about it for about 1o minutes or so and he was not ready to shoot so I took a break and said I would check back in a few minutes.

While I took a lap I ran into the business suit guy that always shoots a very thick load out of his hung cock.
He always has mint or a minty gum and while I suck him off I always smell mint and associate it with his clean tasty cock.
Today he was ready as I was and I got down to business.
Pulled his hard cock out of his boxers and sucked him off.
He has a nice mushroom head and it gets huge just before he shoots so I can tell he is close.
Today he pulled back a bit and started shooting on my tongue so after the first spurt I went down on his cock all the way to the balls and let him finish shooting straight down my throat.

I was ready to head back to my hairy cum filled balls buddy and found him still stroking in the booth.
We got around to more nipple play - he likes his pulled hard like I do.
I also sat over his cock and stroked it between my legs without letting it slide in - Yes it was a tease but I knew he was not up for a full on fuck yet.

Eventually I had to head out and he was still edging so I gave him my contact info...will see if he decides to follow through on his desire to get me fully naked and work my hairy ass before shooting a load.

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