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Monday, February 18, 2008

The weekend cumfest continues....

So yesterday my partner and I are online just chatting and he says we are going to a hotel room for some group action - I love to be on my knees sucking but will not pass up the chance to be a pig bottom either.
The hotel room was fun- one big dicked bear that had me on my knees on the bed while he fucked me and his buddy was getting plowed by my partner next to me and then a knock at the door. The new arrival was local and proceeded to get undressed - a baby's arm sized cock popped out and was rock hard with a huge mushroom head....just the type to fill a throat or tight hairy ass.
I had already been rimmed by two of the guys and fucked by the other so when this new cock walked behind me I was ready.
You know those cocks that are large enough that you think "not without poppers!", this was one but I also know when I am that turned on and have not blown my load yet
(remember last night I was sucking all those guys, my load never shot and I get more turned on knowing the guy I am sucking is having an intense orgasm from sucking) the cock will just slide right in. Well, he did and it was so TIGHT I could feel my ass stretch but it felt so good.
We fucked on the bed for a bit, then moved to the sling...well, to make the story short he plowed my ass good for at least 20 minutes and I was ready to blow. He wanted to fuck the load out of me so I said go for it.
It was a thick huge load and he bent over, licked it all off my cock and his hand then leaned over to give it back to me and let me swallow it.
We were meeting friends later so we said thanks and left.
The bar we were heading to was packed so we skipped it and went out later to the same bar as last night.
I took my lap around the back again and came across a hot 20's something guy with a thick cock out and just had to take a lick.
He was all for it and so I went down on it for all it was worth. My partner was standing by and so were about a dozen others so I just stayed down there and licked, sucked and took him to the base so his balls could hit my chin.
He had a guy working on his chest and they wanted to see him cum so I opened my mouth to let him jack the last bit and shoot.
He shot a nice thick one right over my face and over my eyes in addition to all the cum hitting my tongue.
I should also mention that I was wearing the ass flap overalls so while I was upstairs chatting with a buddy another guy asked if the ass was available...yes it was and so I was able to get one last quick fuck in before we left.