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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Office bathroom servicing today for lunch

This week I am planning to meet up with park blond guy for some lunch action but today I got an email from one of my regular buddies that I have known for a few years.

He and I used to meet up in a tearoom at an office building here in the city that was notorious for groups of 4 or 5 at a time sucking, fucking and cumming or he had access to an old bank vault in his office building (he has since moved) that we could use for what ever we wanted - and he is a horny top I can assure you.

He has a long cock that is not as thick as park blond guy but it is a perfect fit for deep throating.
Back when I had my collar on, like in the main pic, he and others seemed to get off on using it to keep me on my knees or to just hang on to it and then pull my pierced nipples till I was rock hard - most of my regular buddies know that the more they are getting off and moaning/ enjoying it the deeper I swallow and the longer I go.

Today he wanted to show me a vacant floor in his building that has a large locking bathroom we can use to get some groups together but it was last minute and no one was able to join so I went over by myself and took care of him.
He usually likes to have me suck him from soft to hard and I know that the more I can take him down my throat and use it to work his shaft instead of my hands the harder he gets.
Today was no exception and since I told him about the park blond and showed him the video he wanted to take one that I may share.
He always get vocal and pulls my nipples to get me down deeper so he can shoot - many times he likes to just keep it in my throat so I don't even get to feel it in my mouth, it just goes straight down but I love that since I can feel the shaft and head grow just as he is shooting and feel each blast.

That's it for now, I am supposed to meet up with park blond tomorrow if we can get the timing down...