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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Europe vs US ...backrooms and bar sex

Living in a city that many think of as being very gay and in the front lines of all things gay and sexual we get questions about places where guys can have sex.

Unfortunately (in my opinion) the city shut down bathhouses back in the beginning of the AIDS crisis and has never reopened any.

I grew up in a city that had one of the best - the Denver Swim Club.

I came across it one night with my ex and found out just what the guys
back in the day loved about saunas and public pools.
There were so many men and so much to do it was amazing how fast an 8 hour pass can go by.

My previous long term relationship was monogamous ( at least I thought so at the time) so when my current partner and I ventured into three ways it was only after being together for a few years.
We found that we enjoyed it and had our own rules about what was acceptable. We would only do something together and if the extra person we were "entertaining" was only into one it was not going to happen...we felt a threesome was fine but it was not cool to be on the sideline inadvertently.

We had the opportunity to visit Europe in the 90's and discussed the "rules".
We came to the decision that being separate but in the same location was acceptable. If we were in a bathhouse/sauna as they are called in Europe and found that we were interested in someone it was fine but we did not leave the building.
Our first trip was to Amsterdam.
WOW, that was a first for me!

The first night we went to a location that advertised as being a naked party in the bar.
Sure enough we got to the address, rang the bell and a doorman checked us out before letting us in.
We were told to strip, put our clothes in a bag and get a ticket to keep in our socks to keep tab on our drinks.
Within minutes I found myself on my back in the back on the bar bench with one guy fucking me and a couple of others standing and waiting. My partner brought my drink over and went to find his fun :-)
We enjoyed that so much we went back the next night and actually found out they had an upstairs area.
Once again I found myself being a pig bottom - yes I know, big surprise - and afterwards we were relaxing in the downstairs bar and started talking to the hot guy that had recently been in my ass.
He was a sweet, hot man and actually was from the U.S but was transferred there.

Upon our return to the U.S. I wanted a tattoo and this is my first one...the city crest of Amsterdam.

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