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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meet me in the bathroom

Today I was taking my lunch around noon and Virgin America was doing a promotion in the local area . Giving away t-shirts and flight discounts - we love the new airline, having taken them to LA for the in-laws last Thanksgiving and also for getting us to DC for the MAL event in January.

I was wandering around and decided to check out the local shopping area when I thought about checking out the "tearoom" - it is not a cruisey spot but if you know me, I can find a horny cock in a room full of priests, wait a minute any choir boy can do the same thing... ok, my partner says I could get the groom off in the bathroom just before his wedding so that he can release some pressure :-)

Anyway, I was walking down the hallway and a young (early twenties) cub is walking the other way.
We made eye contact and kept walking but did the obligatory look over the shoulder.
Sure enough, he did the same over the shoulder look.
I kept walking and turned around but he was gone. Oh well....
I went to the bathroom, it was dead quiet so I said ok, turned around and figured I would finish my shopping.
As I was walking back to the shopping center the cub is back and does a double take on the way to the bathroom.
Instantly I turn around on the spot and head back to the tearoom to see if he is interested...
Sure enough he walks in after me and we both have our cocks out.

He is rock hard and a very respectable size it is!!
I gave him a second to be ok with it and then bent over to take him in my mouth.
He had a very nice thick cock with average mushroom head - filled my mouth and long enough to deep throat while feeling his balls on my chin without gagging.
Being a young cub and in a public place he shot a nice thick load in less than a minute ( which is no problem in tearooms as far as I am is all about you enjoying my mouth to release that load you built up) and it was a tasty one.
We both buttoned up and left - I went back to the office with a tasty load on my tongue.

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