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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beginnings of a cum pig - the early years.

Well, here first shot at a blog.

Gay male here living in San Francisco with a wonderful and fabulous partner of 15 years.
Over the years since we first opened our sexual relationship to include others we have slowly grown to a point where sex outside is not a threat, it is just an activity we can share when we wish or take part in individually.

I have been a cum pig since my early years - at least since I knew what it was that the other guys in school shot out instead of piss when we were jacking off. Before that I was just a horny guy that liked to see the cocks of my friends and older brothers friends. Once I discovered that they liked the feeling of me sucking them as much as I liked to suck it was the beginning of my cum pig identity.

After high school I moved away from home, came full out of the closet and have never looked back.

I discovered arcades, tearooms and bookstores while living in Denver...and I was HOOKED!!

Gloryholes were my first turn on - I would go to one in Denver at a bookstore called the Crypt and just about each booth had a hole on each side. I could sit there and just take care of one cock after another or even one on each end (this is in the days before anyone even cared about or had a term for bareback).

Later I got a job in an local airport and discovered that "tearooms" and under the stall action or at the urinal can be just as hot and discreet.

Ever since then, anytime I, or my partner and I together travel I keep an eye out for likely spots that I can get bent over or on my knees to give a lucky man an awesome blowjob.
And yes, I do prefer to swallow every drop but there are also those guys that prefer to pull out and see it all over a face or chest.

Surprisingly there are not as many arcade/bookstores in large cities as there used to be. I have heard of some very hot ones that have since disappeared over the years from our friends.
It is a shame that too many people were in such a hurry to leave after blowing a load that they left a mess for the next guy to come across or did not learn the meaning of the word discreet.
For those guys that may be reading this and not know what I mean...I am just stating that even though probably 90% of the men - straight or gay - are as horny as you are, they are not in the restroom for action and may not appreciate seeing, hearing or stepping in your spooge. Take a moment to clean up after yourself - or as my motto is, and yes my friends know this is true - do not waste a drop!

Back to my growing years into the cum pig I am today....

In the days before the internet it was common to just walk around, cruise, go to spots that were cruisey and meet people face to face. Sometimes it might be at a mall while shopping or just in a park and catching the eye of another and knowing you are both horny as hell and finding a way/spot to do it.
Now I have found that even though some great loads have came my way via the internet - and anyone reading this that contributed I have to say once again THANKS! - I still like being able to walk around and just meet a guy or stumble onto a hot guy or guys as horny as I am and just get to business, take care of their needs and go away with a smile.

I have always been more of the bottom submissive type and for me that is perfect because when I am sucking a man it is not about me or my pleasure AT ALL... the more I can tell he is enjoying what I am doing the more turned on I get and I never feel the need to leave a guy hanging.
I actually hate when someone has to leave or the scene is interrupted and as a result they did not get a full release.
There are too many "teasers" out there that like to get a guy hot and bothered but it is about them so if it ends they could not care less.

Well, that is a bit of my story for now.

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