My favorite snack

Friday, February 15, 2008

Lunch and then an uncut snack...what a Friday

Well, yesterday was such a successful trip to the mall at lunch I thought what the hell I would see if that was a normal occurrence.
As I was going in I see a hot guy in a suit that is around the area for lunch and he gave me the "I am horny and ready" look more than once so I was up for something.
Went to the two stalls at the end, got down on my knees and he shoves his cock under...
Good thick cut cock - and it was one that grows thicker as it goes down my throat. Nice furry ass that I could play with while his balls are hitting my chin.
We went on for about 5 minutes and he started moaning and the head grew in my mouth - I knew he was close so I buried his cock to the base and let my throat work the full load out.
He shot 5 good thick blasts to fill my throat and mouth, then I swallowed it all while slowly taking my mouth off and making sure I got every last drop.

Well, that was at lunch and then around 3:30 I get an email from a married (to a woman) buddy that I take care of once in awhile. We met up once on Craigslist and since then if he is horny and available he will shoot me an email.
Today we met up at a hotel bathroom downtown where the stalls are actually each a small room with a door, so it is great for me to get stripped down and go to town.
This guy is built like a football or rugby player - 6 foot 4 inches tall, thick chest and legs, all muscle and sports a hot 8 inch uncut cock. We always start off with me sucking him till it is fully erect and then he likes to have me eat his ass for a bit.
He does not ever fuck me but he always loves to finger and play with my ass while I suck. While he is bent over for me to get to his ass he reached between his legs to stroke my cock and play with my ass. We went back and forth a couple of times between me eating his ass and then sucking his cock and deep throating him - he has the type of foreskin that is thick and slides well, so when I deep throat, the foreskin stays in my throat and I can stroke his head with it using my mouth and throat...really gets him even harder. After a good session of sucking he has me turn around so he can finger my ass and tell me how much he wants to bury his cock up my ass. Gets him turned on and then he shot about 4 thick loads onto my hairy ass. Love it when the cum is so hot you can feel it hitting your skin.
He finishes and has to leave so I let the cum slowly run down my ass crack and then pull my pants back up and return to the office with it all in my hairy ass crack and on my ass cheeks.
After work I meet up with my partner and tell him about it, while I can feel the dried cum with each step as we walk to the BART train and head home.