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Friday, February 8, 2008

Edging for a week while he is on vacation

A couple of years ago my partner had the chance to take a free cruise to Alaska. I had to work for the week it was taking place and he had a cabin for two. He was nice enough to ask if I would be ok at home while he went...I said yes.
He wanted to bring someone along and we discussed the options but being a Scorpio the jealous quirk popped up :-) while we figured out who should take my place in a tiny cabin for a week.
It came down to a straight woman we know from living in Aspen years ago.

The one rule I had to obey since he was going to be on a straight cruise for a week with a straight woman was that I could NOT cum...until he returned.

I was allowed to do anything I wanted - and the key word was ANYTHING.

Well of course I had to let all of my top buddies know.

Since I am a total cum pig, one of the scenes I wanted to have was a group of guys shoot all of their loads on me in a bukkake scene. I emailed some guys I knew from past experience and told them the details.

It ended up with 5 guys all jacking or having me suck them off for an hour and all blew their loads. One stuck around after and wanted to plow my ass so I said ok and he fucked me for another hour or so until he shot a second load...of course you know he was hung like a little pony.

That was ONE night of an entire week.
Craigslist is a single cum pigs buddy here in San Francisco.
I think there was one day/night I did not suck or bottom for that entire week.

At the end of the week I was so horned up and had over a weeks worth of cum built up ( my partner likes to fuck my ass, blow his load and tell me to hold off) that I was ready to shoot.

There was a Bare Chest Calendar event scheduled so I went - big mistake...I ran into a very hot, thick cocked topped that I had not seen for a couple of months.
He wanted to take me and fuck my ass hard. I said it would be hot but I could not cum until my partner returned and it had been a week already.
He was turned on even more...we went back to my apartment and oh did he fuck me.
Hot, hard, hung thick cock pounding my ass till he shot a load up my ass....and all the time I was jacking but stopped before cumming.

When I met up with my partner after the trip he asked if I was a good boy...well, yes I was very good - he then had to clarify and ask if I behaved.
Well yes I did obey the rule of not cumming but oh did I misbehave :-0

I will just let you imagine how that reunion went but I will say it was a very long intense sensual scene and there was a TON of cum shot!

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