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Sunday, February 3, 2008

more on Europe backrooms...

During out trip to Amsterdam we were doing the usual afternoon shopping and sightseeing tour, when we decided it was time for a cocktail.

We always try to research ahead to find where the bars, restaurants, saunas or cruising areas going to be.

We got our map out and found the Spike bar and went in.

After getting a cocktail we sat down and I always like to check out new spots to see what there is to see.
My partner knows I will return and fill him in so he watched me start my "loop".
I saw a set of stairs going up and my inner voice said check it out.
It led to the restroom and a dark room that had no lights on. This was the middle of the afternoon so I thought there may not be anything going on.
It was pitch black and I could hear some scuffling...well that told me all I needed to know :-)

In a new location I will try to check in with my partner before I participate - and sometimes he knows the opportunity is too good to pass up.
I went back down to fill him in on what I found and ask if I could check it out more.

A very HOT tall (one of my fetishes is tall men!) blond went up the stairs, so I was hoping he was not just using the restroom.
I went up and sure enough he had disappeared. I did not know how big the dark room was but it was a small bar so it could not be huge.
After entering I sensed a space to my left and turned that way.
I could tell the guy was there and went over.
He was, shall we say, hung like a horse and already out of his pants and hard.
I got in the squat position (you never know what may be on the floor and I hate to come out of a room with "evidence" on my knees) and swallowed him down.

While enjoying this fantastic uncut cock I heard someone coming up the was my partner joining in.

Even though my first choice is to suck and swallow, an uncut hung man gets my mind to thinking about doing more.
I was taking care of getting this guy hard and ready to blow a load when he also seemed to have ideas of taking care of my ass along with my throat. Well, you don't have to ask twice when you are that hot.
I stood up, turned around and just let it slide in. This was a very thick one and those of you that are size queens like me (and happily married to my ideal I must say!!) know how a thick one can just slide right in.

Well, my partner was getting into this as much as I was and we do like to share so he was already stroking and letting me get fucked till he was ready to take a ride on the unknown blond.
My partner has always been more of a top but when he is in the mood to ride, he likes them as large as I do....I moved over and let him take a shot.
Well he DID, and we took turns until it was time to get back to our cocktails, after all we had the whole trip to enjoy the men of Europe.

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