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Monday, February 4, 2008

Hot men +leather +underwear in public = MAL 2008

Here is a more recent experience I had this year with my partner while visiting Washington DC for the Mid Atlantic Leather event.

This event brings leather folk from around the world to participate in a 3 day event involving the contest to select the next Mid Atlantic Leather title holder. There is a formal leather cocktail night, the contest and dance party in addition to all the sex and leather men you can shake a stick at!

Saturday was a very hot actually began early with my partner and I participating in an underwear night at a local bar.
We showed up and went right upstairs to shuck our clothes.

Anytime I attend underwear night I have very small jockstrap I like to wear....easy access and allows for plenty of movement when I have to squat down to assist someone with there raging hardon!
This night was no different - we got a cocktail and within 10 minutes I found myself in the midst of three of the largest I saw so far that night - as I said earlier I am an admitted size queen because I like the challenge.
I will discuss size at another time but for me it is always about the other guy enjoying so I don't discriminate or find "small" men less attractive, I just admit to enjoying a large one when I have the opportunity.
That little group decided they did not want to do too much, too soon so I ventured on. I met up with my partner and we found another hot group.

One hot hairy guy was getting fucked so we joined in the group watching and participating. The fuckee was hot and actually wanted to suck me for a bit (he had already sucked and swallowed my partners load
let him have a the meantime I saw and brought over a couple of others that I then got down for. One of the guys wanted to fuck me so I gave my partner a look and he said ok. I just love being in a jock with a hairy ass.
He took a shot, lined up behind me and gave me a nice thick one - then said he was a bottom but had to have my ass.
We got into a rhythm and he let loose - took it all and then another was interested so my partner and I ended up getting a nice little group going for me to service.

We then finished our cocktails and headed back to the lobby of the hotel to see who was out and about.
Well, we got back and while wandering around and looking for friends we decided to check out the cigar smoking area... to be continued.

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