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Monday, February 4, 2008

Saturday night MAL - Hot, tall, cigar smoking, sexy as hell leatherman

We decided to leave the underwear party after getting fucked and sucking all of those cocks to see what was going on in the lobby of the hotel.

It was PACKED with leather men.

On Friday we had met a buddy from San Francisco in the cigar smoking tent and he was generous enough to share one with us so on Saturday we just went out to the tent to see what was up and going on.
I was busy flirting and being friendly while my partner went outside for some fresh air.
He came back in and said he wanted to introduce me to someone I would like...translation = hot tall leather man with facial hair and a cigar!!!

Well, I met Greg and oh yes I was turned on. We all three stood around kissing and I mentioned that he seemed to need to release a thick hard on and I was an expert deepthroater and happy to oblige
smiled and agreed to let me - WOW - hot, tall, leather, and ready for me to get down on my knees.
My partner knows me well enough that we was not surprised - he had apparently told Greg he had to come in and find me and was assuming I would be in trouble.

I just love my husband and the fact we know each other so well at times like this :-)

Well, since everything was going well and I did not want to share this new hot man with everyone right away I suggested we take it to the room upstairs. All agreed so we went to our room.
After getting upstairs and going at some more heavy kissing, sucking and playing Greg and my partner decided to gang up on me and introduce me to pit tickling mercilessly while a cock was buried in my mouth....that was such a new experience - if you are reading this Greg - THANKS.

The extra caveat for both of them was that I had been a cum pig Friday night in an orgy and had already been fucked twice in the bar earlier and all this time I had not shot one load.
I was ready to explode and they both took so much pleasure in edging me till I had to cover my partners chest with cum to his chin.

We had not brought a sling on this trip and the scene was already so hot I was satiated - later Greg and I exchanged notes and found out that we could have spent hours with cigars and slings....well next year we will have to reconnect, have some cigars and one of us bring a sling along.

I am going to put the link to Greg's website on here with his permission...take a look and say hi - he is a very hot man and those pics of him with a cigar and pipe along with my memories of that weeked...well, you can just guess what I am thinking right now.

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