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Monday, February 25, 2008

Hotel three way with my ass and mouth as the main attraction

This morning I was still holding the load I did not shoot yesterday during the tag team action at home.
I was planning on a nice quiet lunch at work (no set adventures for Mondays - usually too busy in the office) when I get an email on a hook up site.
Two guys were in town and looking for me to come over so the 23 yr old could eat my ass before and after getting fucked by the 40 yr old thick cock top.
Sounds great but travel time did not allow for much so they came downtown and got a hotel room by my office.
They called me with the room number and up I went.
I was met at the door by my top of the afternoon and his buddy - you know how sometimes pics online are hard to judge - well this guy was hotter than the pics and the cock shot did not do him justice.
It was 7x6 and the head was the size of a lemon! Just what I like for sucking and getting lubed up with spit. I started out sucking him from soft to full on hard, it is always nice when a guy is surprised at how much I can do with my throat and tongue.
His buddy was eating my ass so we decided to get on the bed with my ass up for all of us to get what we wanted.
The rimming was going full force with tongue, lips and even some fingers to loosen but just the thick cock in my mouth gets my ass ready for cock. Add in the fact that the top was also pulling on my pierced nipples and I was a pig ready for action.
After a good 10 minutes of rimming my ass and me sucking the top's cock we ready to put me on my back and start fucking.
As I said it was thick like mine is but the head is huge and now even bigger when he is rock hard - we put some extra lube on and started going to town.
He did say he was in the mood for hot pig sex and made sure the 23 yr old was right there using his tongue on both of us...I had never had a guy licking my ass from under/behind while a cock going in and out so this was hot for me too.
The young guy was in pig heaven too because he said he never watched a guy getting fucked (think he meant two pigs going at it right there, bareback cocks and ass) and this top was nice and thick and liked to pull out to the very edge, let the kid lick and slurp then plunge back in.
My partner knows how tight my ass always is and I work my ass on a cock kind of like I do with my throat...let the cock do it's work in and out but put some pressure on when it is buried to keep it in there. This top was turned on feeling my ass squeeze down on his cock with each down stoke to bury it in my ass.
While he was plowing my ass for half an hour more the young guy just kept going back and forth between playing with my ass using his tongue or fingers so by the end I was just a hot pig ready to blow.
As the top kept up the hard pounding he also was stroking my cock and got me to the edge a few times and finally I just had to shoot a thick load that hit my chest and stomach - the guy's eyes just got bigger seeing the cock buried in my ass while my cock was shooting.
Well, that was a hot lunch we all agreed - and next time I think I will call my partner and see if he is up for a hot lunch in the hotel with us.