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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blond from the park - gloryhole and three way action

The hot blond I took a load from in my previous blog entry about "You look familiar - can you drop your pants" is ready for some repeat action.
I figured I should share the story of the day I ran into him at the bookstore and if the link here works you can see a clip of me on my knees taking it on Xtube.
So back on Feb 04 I was just cruising around the local porn shop and arcade/bookstore feeling horny when I see this guy that looks familiar and he follows me into one of the booths with a glory hole.
I always like these booths because I can be sucking one hot guy and sometimes get a second cock to stick through and take that load also.
On this day, he and I recognize each other and I am ready to get down on that great cock. The booth next door opens and I see a guy sit down - I have seen him before and know he is also hung like a small pony and he loves to get blown or even do some serious sucking himself.
My friend suggests that he join us - I am all for that, maybe I can get both.
The third guy joins us and since I have my phone with me I suggest he take a video clip of me servicing the blond. He agrees and we start with me deep throating and taking it to the base. The clip was accidentally deleted and so we spend another 10 minutes or so taking turns on the blond cock (the third said he came already and did not feel like being sucked so we double tagged the blond).
We decided to give a video clip another shot and I went back down on my blond friend.
The clip is short since my phone is not great for it and we were interrupted by someone banging on the door.
I had to get back to the office so we tried to find a spot because really wanted to see his cum all over my face again.
That day there was not a cum load but we are planning to get him and some others in a tearoom so I can suck and take their loads (one guy wants to fuck me and if that happens I will share that with you too).