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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finishing off the weekend and taking loads

It is Pride weekend here in the city and we were out for some fun with all of the men visiting.
We decided to head to a local spot that is always busy during one of the holiday/leather events.
Sure enough it was packed and the cocks were out!

I headed straight out to the back and immediately found some hot cocks out and ready for sucking.
There were a a couple of really substantial cocks so I was on my knees with poppers out. One guy in particular was watching me go down on the men and I decided it was time to get some of his meat.
He had some great low hanging balls and a long tasty cock.
While I was down on him another guy pulled out a huge piece of meat and I thought, well I am not opposed to multiple cocks at once.

The new cock was thick, and grew even thicker as I sucked it.
There were a few other cocksuckers trying but he would shoo them away and let me have it all.
With the poppers out and these two cocks having me go back and forth I was leaking precum like a waterfall.
It had to be about 20 minutes of sucking, ball tugging and stroking when the thicker of the two cocks was ready to cum.
I was ready to be a total cum dump and figure it is always best to let the guys see all of the cum flying.
While he was stroking I put my face under and let him coat my goatee, lips and face.
His load was very thick, white and creamy...felt fantastic and tasted even better.

After getting that load and leaving it on my lips I stood up and took a moment to figure where the next load was going to come from.
There were more than a few guys I know or have seen and sure enough there was one with his cock already out and hard.
I could suck and swallow but this time I wanted to get fucked in front of the whole crowd.
This guy has a nice long cock and it was already spit lubed so I just turned around and let him at my ass.
The guy that already gave me the first load was watching and I could see that everyone around was up and stroking. I took some more poppers and let my buddy ride my ass for all he was worth.
He was pounding me hard and kept shoving that cock in and as far as he could - over and over until he finally let loose with a hot load right up my ass.

At this time I was still leaking pre cum but I did not want to waste my load on the ground and I was not up for being a top again.
As I was heading back out to get some fresh air a very HOT friend was watching the whole scene and gave me a hearty thumbs up.
After the fresh air break I told my partner I was ready to shoot my load and would go back to the cum frenzy crowd to find someone to help.

Well, my HOT thumbs up friend was there and as we traded glances again I looked right at his tight full jeans.
He walked over to where I was and I took the initiative to begin playing with his cock in the jeans.
That was his signal to pull out his cock and let me feast...well, I knew he was hung but SHIT it was even hotter, longer and tastier than I remember.
I was in pure cum sucking mode and now that I was getting a mouthful I was in heaven.

While I was devouring his cock I saw a hand playing with his nipples. No problem, I can share and if he was ok with it all the better.
I did not see the guy playing with his nipples but he took my head and put my mouth onto the other cock - and it was another thick sausage.
Now I have two cocks once again letting me go back and forth.
I love this city and the horny men!!!

After 20 minutes of sucking the second guy was ready to cum and I swallowed every drop of his load.
My buddy said it was too much of a distraction for him to cum so we agreed to take a break and finish another time when we have more privacy and time.

So overall today I got fucked twice, took one load on the face, one in my ass and another down my throat..I would say it was a very happy Pride.

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