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Monday, June 23, 2008

Thick cum load for a snack

Not much time to get out today and the weather kind of sucked for hitting the glory holes so I just made a trek over to the shopping district.
Well, it was hopping and active to the point that too many guys were there and the janitors had to keep coming back.

I ran into a guy from previous action that shoots THICK white loads that just drip down my goatee and hang there.
He is very hairy - seems to be of Mediterranean descent to me - black thick and hairy all over.

We both had the same idea and took ourselves to the retail store that worked so well the first time he shot on my face.
I went ahead and he followed.
Before I could even get the door shut he was standing up on the seat and getting his cock out right at mouth level.
His cock is an average size but damn it is thick and when I go down to the base I pull a couple more inches into my throat and he gets even harder.

We both knew that time was essential so I started out hard and quick. After a few minutes he took over jacking.
While he was jacking I was working over his balls and churning up that thick cum load I knew would soon blow.
Sure enough he let me know it was time and I got underneath.
Blast after blast of hot thick cum spewed out and shot over my goatee and lips.

After we could be sure the coast was clear he headed out and I took a moment to try and get some pics.
Since it was a bit dark in the stall I headed out to the mirrors with cum dripping down my face.
I got hard just thinking about someone walking in with this cum all over me.
The door is loud enough that I could tell but it was still a bit of a turn on to think about.

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