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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pharmaceuticals and chain stores give us so much enjoyment !!

Today I was finally able to get out and take a walk so I headed over to the shopping district first for a look-see.

It was slow, as it has been lately. There seem to be less cruisers the past couple of weeks and today was no exception.
There are two great spots in this particular shopping area and I was in the area where there is not as much cruising so I figured I would head out and check out the glory holes to see what I could run across.
As I was leaving I saw a short, hot dark haired guy walk towards the tearoom.

Dark curly hair, button down shirt open to show hairy chest, tight enough jeans to entice and he was carrying a pharmaceutical rep bag and a shopping bag from the clothing store with some HOT models that love to show off the shirtless look while playing sports - have to love those mental images when the guy walking by is a hottie!!
I did the routine "glance over the shoulder" and caught him doing the same thing.

I debated since it had been such a lousy week for action but decided to give it the optimistic go ahead.
I turned around and headed back in figuring that either he was interested or not and there was nothing to lose.

He was standing at the urinal and there was no one else in the room.
I went up and stood next to him and took a moment to pull out my own semi erect cock.
As per the universal rules I leaned back a bit and looked up while checking him out of the corner of my eye.
What I saw confirmed that he was indeed on the prowl....semi erect cock being slowly stroked.

I took the opportunity to really check out his cock since I knew he was also interested and I saw foreskin....BONUS!
He gave me a quick look and horny smile so I took the initiative and reached over to grab his cock.
There was no hesitation from him and since it was an empty room I went down to my knees and pulled his cock toward my mouth.
He was eager and let me pull that uncut piece right to me and go down to the base in one stroke.

I was anticipating a very hot load and considering there is always a chance of a janitor or homeless guy interrupting I did not waste time.
He was very turned on and after only a few deep throat thrusts he had grown to a mouthful and was shoving every inch down my throat before I could start swallowing.

He was fucking my face while I was going down and after a couple of minutes he was moaning and ready to shoot.

I don't mind having a load shot on my face but this guy seemed to want to shoot in the urinal which is TOTAL waste of cum so I took the initiative again and pulled his cock back into my mouth to really work him over.
I was using my tongue, mouth and throat without letting him pull back out for a second.
As a reward for my work his thick uncut cock began shooting a nice thick load into my mouth.

After I stood up he gave me the look that said his knees were weak but oh was he satiated!
I pulled my pants up while he started to shake the last drops of cum off - his head is sensitive after shooting a load, apparently - when the outer door opened.
Talk about timing!

On a side note, my partner and I were out at an event this evening at a local new housing opportunity when we ran into one of my favorite barebackers from the glory holes...he and I exchanged a knowing smile and wink.
My partner is privy to this blog so he knew that I had done something with this hot guy, so I gave him a brief synopsis ...maybe I will see my feeder at the glory holes soon and we can enjoy the fact that our partners were there tonight.
Of course I will be thinking how the cocktails tonight were not as enjoyable as his cock in my tail.

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