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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taking it all over from two dudes

Well the shopping area is up and running this Pride weekend.
I had some time yesterday and decided to check it out.

Here is the scenario -
I am in one stall, the guy in the next one over is OBVIOUSLY there stroking with me and I see two sets of feet at the urinals.
Not sure what the urinals are doing until I see one turn and walk to the stall next me.
Now I know that all four us there for the same thing.

The stall and I both open our doors and I see a thick cock that I sucked off before (he was urinal guy that turned around).
Since we all have the same idea and maybe not much time I get right down on my knees and take care of business.
I start off sucking the repeat cock and in minutes he is shooting a thick load all over my chest - I took off my shirt so they all could when I saw it was going to be at least four of us.
Then I go down on the stall guy's cock - the guy is my height and has a long cock that curves up a bit.
After a bit of sucking we decide he should fuck me.
I stand up, turn around and he uses my spit on his cock for lube and enters my ass.
He gets in some hot fast thrusts while the fourth guy is watching.
The fourth guy doesn't want to contribute a load but I have sucked him off before and his cum is super thick and white every time.

The door opens out front so we all stop and I go into my stall to get dressed after smearing the load of cum all over my hairy chest.

I head out and make sure the stall guy follows.
We head over to the other tearoom to see if we can finish....

There is another guy already at the urinals stroking but there is too much traffic so I take the lead and suggest he follow me and my barebacker to the store bathroom for some three way fun.
We enter one stall and the new guy just wants to jack off.
He does and my bareback top catches this load in his hand.
Now my bareback top is stroking his own cock with the other guys cum and I say he should continue fucking me now.
He agrees and I suck on him a bit to get it all lubed up and ready for my ass.
Of course I also get a taste of that cum he has all over it already.

At this time the guy who blew his load is ready to leave so he exits and we shut the door again.
I turn and lean on the wall with my ass up so the top can finish his load off.
He fucks my ass for a few more minutes and says he is close to emptying his nuts.
I tell him to go for it and he lets loose with a gut filling load.

Damn, I am now rock hard and have not cum but it is more of a turn on to save it!

As we get ready to leave he goes out first and I take a moment to clean up.
I head out and realize that the cleaning woman had been in there and her trash can is right at the sink but she does not notice me leaving...

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Anonymous said...

sounds hot.. i live in sf.. how can we can connect at a public restroom?