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Monday, June 8, 2009

Taking three hot loads in the backroom

I just love ending a weekend trip away with an appropriate welcome men, thick cocks, and cum galore.

After dropping everyone off from the Reno trip, we headed out to see friends. One of the usual places was packed to the rafters and even though I ran into two friends that will swallow a cock as quick as I do we headed to another location.

I stopped for a moment to chat with friends in the front and then I headed to my usual back area.
Ironically there were people already there and they mentioned that some action was going on earlier.
Great, that means everyone is primed for some more.

While standing there I kept catching an older bear checking me out. He was slowly rubbing his hand across the front of his jeans and I saw that it could be a very large package. We kept up the eye contact, and then he came over and grabbed my crotch. He was standing with another guy that I could not read well, so I was trying to be diplomatic...yes, I know but I had only 4 hours of sleep in Reno.
Once we had established that he knew what I wanted I pulled out his cock.
Indeed, it was very thick and cut. Nice large balls hanging below and a small crowd to watch.
I was not sure how long we would stay so I gave it my all and went to work right away.
He was very appreciative of a deep throat wrapped around his cock as he would take the iniative to ram if further down and I was gulping as fast as I could.
While on my knees I saw another guy come over to check it out. I leaned back a bit for him to check out just how much cock I could take...I mean, after all if he liked what he saw I may get a second serving.
My hung bear fed me his cock and soon he was ready to shoot it all. I pulled off enough so that he could get my lips, tongue and goatee with that load. He shot some great thick globs of cum and when it finally stopped I stood up.

The guy that came over was still intrigued but at this time a VERY sloppy drunk showed up and entertained us all with his impression of a tweaked out cock sucker. He would roll his tongue around and kept pulling his cock out - yes it was impressive but he was not enticing the guy at all.
Finally our drunk friend left and I reached over to ask if the voyeur was interested in getting my mouth on him.
He was amiable to the idea and let me feel him up. When I tried his fly, he said that he had to pee...Ok, I can wait.
During all of this my husband had come out to join me.
When the guy returned from recycling his beer, I started back up. He was acting the part of a nervous guy that did not want to be watched - OK, I can appreciate that.
My husband saw what was going on and walked over to block the view and I proceeded to pull out the cock.
WOW - it was larger than I had anticipated but I was prepared to take one for the team. While I was down getting his massive cut cock even harder and showing him how deep it would go, my husband was working on his nipples.
The more I swallowed, the more my husband abused his nipples, the more he leaked pre cum and the thicker he got.
I wanted his load, my husband knew it and it was not a lengthy process before we all got what we wanted.
My husband told him to give it to me, and oh he did. Thick wads of cum shooting out and I took every drop that came my way.
I just love a hot reward for a job well done...but that is not the end of the night....

After those two cocks I was heading out and saw one of the tall buddies from the group I did over the past couple of weeks. Standing next to him was a blonde brick shit house. I kid you, not.
This guys pecs were rock hard, he had very short cropped hair, facial hair and he must have been over 6' 4" so you KNOW how happy I was.
I had two loads in me and I wanted this one too.
Since our friend knows what I like and so did my husband, I just took the bull by the horns, so to speak and went for the pants.
What I found would feed a small a country... or fill me with a hot load.
I was on my knees so fast and had his huge cut cock buried to the hilt. It was more than a mouth full.
Being a tall, hung, built blonde put my mind into over drive.
There I was with his hung cock buried down my throat, fondling his balls and everyone watching. He had a perfect cock for filling my throat and with each thrust I pushed more back into my throat until I was stretched to the limit.
Damn, I was hoping for a rock hard cock from such a tall guy and I was getting it.
Whether it was having seen me already sucking off or just being a hot horny guy, he was ready to give me his load.
I don't know how many shots of cum he blew into me but I was a pig in heaven.

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