My favorite snack

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two thick loads on my face in the tearoom

I just love a hot lunch.

There was no plan to be out and looking for cock but I was out at lunch and figured I would take a swing by my favorite shopping district.
I went into the first tearoom and the only one I saw was a camper that is not interested, and the feeling is mutual so I headed to the other tearoom.

The second tearoom was completely empty - which is what you usually want for public sex. I didn't feel like hanging out and planned to grab some food and head back to the office.
Well, as I was leaving I saw the hot construction type guy from previous posts heading down the hall towards the bathroom.
I knew it was empty and I also know from experience that he likes to be sucked, and can cum quickly. I was far enough behind that when I went in he had already checked it out and was leaving a stall. When he saw me he smiled and pulled out his cock.
I wasted no time and just got on my knees and started sucking. He went from soft to hard in seconds. He has a nice thick cock with a great mushroom head and semi hairy balls to play with.
We both know the pattern here and he let me get him hard and then he took over. He started stroking hard and I nodded up to him and opened my mouth.
The first shot went into my mouth and then I turned a bit and let him coat my goatee. I could not see the load but I felt it and it was thick.
After finishing he zipped up and I stood up. To share the cum shot with you I went into the stall and pulled out my phone. The picture with the long thick line of white cum is his....and of course you may be wondering about the other is that one.

After getting the first guy off I wiped his cum into my mouth and then wiped my hand onto my own cock and groped to get the cum all over me. I was ready to head out for some food.
Before I could get out of the shopping area I saw the tall guy that shot his thick load onto me the other day.
He smiled and I knew he was up for another load.
We went into the tearoom and took adjoining stalls. The traffic seemed to be slow enough.
I did not want to waste the time and have to be interrupted so even though we knew a third guy was in the bathroom stalls, the second it was clear enough I went out to the urinals and let him know I was ready.
He opened his stall and got down on my knees. I sucked him for a short bit and then started stroking hard. He wanted to give me his load, and I was ready.
He started to cum and I just let him coat my face.
There was so much cum it was dripping down my face by the time we were done.

Before I left, I had to see how thick and hot the load was and took another shot.
It was more condensed into one spot this time instead of spread across. I took a swipe of it and licked my fingers before using his cum to jack a bit.
Two loads of cum in my jock and on my cock...oh, what a great lunch.
I did not clean off my goatee but just let it glisten with cum as I walked through the streets back to my office.