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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thick cocked tasty cub in the stall

Last week my laptop died, so it has been awhile for posting even though I have had some hot loads in the shopping district.
Today I had one that was quick but very good.

I went into one of the tearooms and found the end stall was open. There were guys in about four of the other stalls, so there was no real way of knowing who was doing what.
I figured I would take a chance and before I could even lower my shorts and jack strap I caught the guy sneeking a peak through the back of the stall. That told me all I needed to know.
I was able to see more of him and was ready to suck him off until a homeless freak started banging on the door. Luckily the other guy saw that it was a no win situation and we both headed out.
Not being sure if he was leaving or just intersted in moving to another spot I waited in the hallway. When he came out, we made eye contact and I proceeded to the closest store. He was behind me but when I entered the bathroom there was a janitor there.
I waited a moment at the sinks and then the other guy came in.

In the last tearoom I only saw his lower legs, but while walking I saw that he was late 20's to early 30's, beard and wearing a button down shirt with khakis...a hot little cub.

Once he came into the bathroom I heard him go into a stall. These stalls have 3/4 doors but no understall connections. I had already seen which were empty and headed down to the one with a shut door.
Sure enough it was not locked so I started to walk in. He moved aside and I got into a squat position on the toilet. That way if anyone did look under the door they would only see one pair of shoes.
He pulled out a thick cut cock with a smooth mushroom head. Damn, that was a hot little mouthful.
I bent over and took it all into my mouth.
He had eyed my crotch so I stood up and pulled my cock out. He started to stroke my cock while I went back to sucking his.
You know how much I like young thick cocks and this guy was rock hard and ready.
We heard some people outside the stall so I just kept sucking and not making any noise. His stroking was getting my pre cum flowing and I could taste his on my tongue.
I was cupping his hairy balls and wrapping my hand around them and the shaft to get every inch of him in my throat. His cock was easily over 7 inches and I wanted to get at least 8 inches in me.

It is always great to suck off a guy that knows tearoom etiquette and how to be guiet but still have fun. While he was in my mouth I felt the shaft start to expand.
I shoved his cock entirely in my mouth and could feel it filling with his cum. I was able to taste it, there was so much shooting into my mouth and down my throat.
I swallowed to allow more room and let him finish off. Once I felt him start to go soft I pulled back. His cock was pointing right at my face and I gave it a good all over licking to clean off his mushroom head.

We both put our cocks back into our pants/shorts and he opened the door to walk out. I waited a moment and followed.
The bathroom was empty...another successfull cum sucking afternoon.

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