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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The closed door party

Last night my husband was on a business trip so I decided to head out and meet up with some of our friends.
There was a "closed door" party going on in and since I had the password I grabbed my jacket and headed over.
The place was already packed when I got there. I saw a few guys I have either sucked, been sucked off by or even fucked and been fucked by so I had high hopes.
After about half an hour it was so hot that I stepped outside and that was when this very hot, young guy walked out and commented that he was so sweaty that he would skip the gym.
I looked over and had to look up. Tall, blue eyes and wearing a baseball had. No shirt on and wearing jeans.
He commented that he was thinking of checking his jeans for the rest of the night. Well, I had to see if he needed any help.
Because it was so crowded, I did not see him right away and by the time I did he was already out of his underwear and a guy was on his knees.
What I saw being swallowed got me rock hard...thick, hung and cut.
I had to get a taste of that.

The other guy stood up and I was polite and asked if he minded if I sucked on it. Sure he said.
I got on my knees and swallowed the shaft down. I had to stretch to the limit but when I felt his balls bouncing at my chin I was not turning back. The young stud knew I was in for the long haul and he just held my head and let me deep throat. The entire room could see me in the middle of the floor with this gym stud fucking my face.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a friend of ours and he was liking the show.
While I was going down on him to the base he commented that I had a great mouth and skill - I do my best to practice and I heard a friend of mine agree with him (of course, this friend knows my devotion to cock first hand).
So many people were watching and I knew they wanted to see that beautiful cock going in and out so I took a few breaks and licked his balls or I licked the shaft from base to head.
I was up for taking the load but I could tell that there were many others that wanted to have a swing on that cock.

I took a breather and went over to talk with a hot hairy friend of ours.
We have talked in the past about getting him over to our place for my husband and I to introduce him to the joys of sling sex.
He and I talked about that and then we were talking about me sucking the guy off in front of everyone.
One thing led to another and then our friend and I pulled out our cocks.
I went down and started sucking him off.
Nice full balls, long shaft and a hot thick mushroom head.
I was ready to give him a full blow job and I wanted his cum. We both knew it so he just leaned back and I went at it.
Pre cum flowing, balls full of cum and a hot cock buried in my throat....HOT.
After a very hot session of sucking he said that he was going to cum. I did not even stop to say yes, I just kept sucking and he knew.
He let loose with a massive hot load of cum!

I just love living in a city where you can suck off your hot friends after giving a floor show while swallowing a hung young porn star type and everyone goes home with a smile

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