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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Walking out of the tearoom with a facial

This week we head to Reno but I did have time today to get in a hot facial at the shopping center.

Over the past year or so I have seen this very tall guy cruising the same tearoom as me. This week I finally got to hook up and it was HOT!
He is tall enough to see over the tops of the stalls (I only know that if I stand on the seat I can see over, so he is tall).
In the past I never got the vibe from him that he was interested so I was surprised when he wanted me to suck him off.
Today it was slow but the traffic was steady...that just meant that we had to do it like they did in the old days.

A couple of times there was only one other person in a stall at the end, so we both opened our doors and I sucked his cock right there or he liked to play with my nipples. He found out that my nipples are a direct connection to my throat and my hard drive.
When we heard the outer door open we went back to our separate stalls.
This went on for a short while and I could tell he was really getting close, after all it was basically a nice long edging session.
The pace of traffic seemed to pick up and I was not sure if we would be able to finish - well, that just led me to be imaginative.
He was able to peek over the stall and I was there stroking to give him a good show.
The outer door opened once again and this time someone took the stall next to his. I could see the shoes but I was not able to see if he was cruising so I left it up to my tall buddy to give me the cue.
He got on his knees, put his cock underneath and into my stall and I swallowed every inch of his cock - the guy occupying the stall next to him was obviously looking so we took the opportunity.
Of course, that was when people started coming in once again so we had to take another break.

Soon enough it was quiet again and he was 99% to the point of no return and I wanted his cum. I did not want to risk it going on the floor or down the toilet so I just got down and put my head under his stall.
He was standing up and jacking off, so when I looked up I let him know that I wanted him to cum. Earlier I had told him that I wanted it all over my face, but that was on my knees sucking. This was going to be hot to feel it fall and land on my face.
He started stroking in earnest and within seconds he started to rain cum down on my hungry upturned face.

I felt huge gobs of cum hitting my cheek, my goatee and one went right into my left eye. The whole time there was a guy further down in a stall and at any time we could have had someone walk in...that just added to the experience.
Once he finished unloading his balls all over my face I pulled back into my stall.
Not a minute later someone did come in.

He looked over the stall (since he could) and let me know that he had a hot time. I took some pictures of the load but next time I think the video camera may be better.
I was in a daring mood and left the stall with my face still coated in baby batter.
The thickness kept it from dripping and I went to the sinks and slowly fed it into my mouth. The door opened as I was finishing my feeding so I just headed out.
I walked the length of the shopping center with cum coating my cheeks and goatee. I could smell it as I walked and I can only imagine what anyone walking past me must have either seen or known what that scent was.

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Duo said...

Dude, those pictures are awesome! Totally hot post! Love the image of you walking in the mall with cum still on your face!