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Monday, June 8, 2009

Reno has great parking lots

Wow, all I can say as I start this weekend's post is that I had an absolute blast and found that Reno guys are as hot and kinky as San Francisco men.

We went to Reno for the Imperial coronation of the Reno court. These types of events bring out the leather, twink, drag and straight community - a veritable smorgasbord of guys to choose from.
On this trip my husband and I met a hot couple (actually 2/3 of a triad) and started getting to know them. One was hairy chested, light skin and so innocent looking with a sexy as hell Texan accent. The other was dark haired, smooth tan skin, beard, and dark eyes - with a firm hard body (they both wore button shirts that stretched across their chests - HOT)and a firm tight ass you just wanted to grab to shove his cock down your throat.
They were talking with a strange man that claimed to be straight but he was showing us all the pictures he had of his cock. When he pulled out his phone to show pictures, I pulled out mine and said "this is what I do with those large cocks". Of course I had the pictures from previous guys that have been shared here on the blog. The straight man said he did not like blow jobs but my discussion with the hot dark haired guy turned to this blog and my endevours.

After the event was finally over, we all met up one of the local bars.
I walked in and spotted our friends right away (there were 95% women at the bar)which was a new adventure.
Our friends were there with a girlfriend of theirs and the place was packed with young horny studs in their 20's. We were literally the two oldest guys there.
At any of these coronations there is plenty of cocktails flowing so by 1:30 in the morning we were having a blast. We ordered more cocktails at the bar and the hot dark haired half of the duo we met took us out on the dance floor.
My husband and I were not only kissing, and dancing with our friends but some of the very young guys were attracted and joined in.
Some hot and heavy dirty dancing was going on, shirts were being pulled up and open to discuss the degree of hair and some of those young guys were just ready to go.

As I said earlier, the discussion of this blog came up and the guy that invited us has checking it out on his phone during the coronation.
Obviously he knew what I liked and that I am fine taking care of it in the bar, bathroom or even the parking lot.
After a couple of hours and cocktails his other half had to leave and he went outside to take care of a friend.
We headed back to the hotel so we could be up early for the drive home but then our friend called and said it was still going strong and we headed back to the bar.
When we got back the topic came up of me getting on my knees for this hot stud. The only question was where.

There was a back entrance/patio/ parking lot area and I said that would be fine with me. My husband already knew what I had in mind, so our friend took by out into the night. He was parked across the lot but it seemed warm enough that we stood outside and I got down to business.
He has those dark features that remind me of the Mediterranean or the hot blooded men of Spain. On top of the hot body and face, he had a beautiful hairy chest and a cut thick cock that was making my mouth water. Full bouncing balls just waiting to be handled while hitting my chin.
He was up against the car and I was on my knees swallowing him down. Not only did he enjoy that but he also returned the favor and gave my cock some slurping. While outside I saw my husband exit the bar...knowing that he wanted to be sure I was ok (and possibly be interested in joining us) I called out his name.
He did not hear at first but the helpful lesbians by the next car called out his name and he turned around. He came over and saw the tasty cock I was enjoying and it turned into a hot little bit of three way action.
At one point we had our hot blooded friend facing my husband and I was enjoying the ass.

Just when we were all getting into some very playful cock and spit swapping fun a pickup truck entered the parking area.
I had my pants around my ankles, our friend was bare assed and my husband was against the car.
You know that I am not opposed to an audience but this particular truck gave off a vibe of not being supportive so we all took a quick moment to put it all away.

We tried to get back into the action but it was getting cold and our friend had to help out his friends that needed rides so we had to end this scene....but we have exchanged contacts and our friend hopes to be here in San Francisco soon.
So you know what that means - yes, I will meet up and we will continue the action to the conclusion of a huge load or two shooting in many directions and I will share it all with you.

Since I know he will read this - WOW, HOT, WOW and hell yes I had the best night in Reno - thanks!!! I owe you a huge load and can't wait for yours.

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