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Monday, March 10, 2008

Three loads for a cum pig...a natural protein diet

Well, after yesterday's load at the insistence of a nun I was thinking today would be relaxing...WRONG and oh so right!

Cock # 1 - Socks

A guy that is visiting had arranged to have me take his load when he came to town. He saw my pics and comments about being a great cocksucker and wanted to put my mouth to the test and also said he shoot huge amounts of cum so of course I was interested.
He emailed me and said he had some meetings later so it would be fine to stop by his hotel room earlier. He did say that sometimes it can be a slow build up (nothing wrong with a leisurely cum sucking session) unless I was good.
I assured him I would get him off in plenty of time to make his meetings.
I got to his room and he was indeed a hot guy and when we were undressed it was a very hot cock.
I was on my knees and just deep throating him completely and totally to the base. He has a cock that is the perfect size to fill my mouth and hit the gag spot but I also was turned on enough that I was able to take it all the way.
He seemed to get bigger with each thrust down my throat and he was pulling my nipples which just gets me to pre-cum buckets sometimes.
He saw the pre-cum and said "You are enjoying that!" and I just nodded and grunted since he did not take his cock out.
He put me on the bed and had my head over the edge...this is a new thing for me, usually I prefer kneeling but it worked great!
In between feeding me his cock he would let me eat his ass - tasted fresh and oh so nice. He would moan when I tongued his hole and was stroking my cock and then he would have me take his cock again.
When he was finally ready to blow his load I was still on my back with my head bent back and he let loose.
Yes, it was a huge load and seemed to keep coming, I had to swallow once just to make room for the rest.

Cock #2 - Cockring and PA with video clip

The hot red head that wants to meet up and exchange jocks sent me a message while I was setting up my meeting with Cock #1 so I was really hot to get a second one.
We arranged to meet up at the same spot and he wanted to be sure and get some pics of his cock for me and I also wanted a video clip (it is short but damn hot).
I got down under the stall and sucked him a bit, he was already rock hard and I asked if we could take the pic above..
I then gave him my phone to take the video clip...he did and we set it down so I could finish him off.
Once again he wanted me to lick and suck his full hairy balls.
Damn, that wass hot to have my mouth full of cum loaded balls while he was jacking over my face again - I was on my back so he could shoot his load all over my face while his balls were in my mouth.
He let loose with another thick load of at least three shots that I could feel and my face was nicely coated when we finished.
I tried to get a good pic of the cum but it did not come out.
Now we need to meet up and trade jocks, I will keep you all posted on that.

Cock #3 - Two pics in dress pants

So this is another guy that has seen my information and wanted to give me a hot mouth full of his sweet cum.
We were not sure when it would happen but while I was working on the other two he was wanting to meet up.

Well, you know me, I am always up for a hot load or three if I can manage and after the first two I was really ready.

Again, he was another guy that was fine with me getting pics and video so we met up in a spot I knew we would have enough privacy to get me on my knees and get some great footage.

He is a young guy, mixed heritage he says in his information and has a hot cock ready for action.
I went to town on that cock and he took out his phone to get some footage.

It is always hot to be sucking a guy and feel him just get bigger and thicker in my mouth with each stroke. He was large to begin with but when I had him buried to the base in my throat it would throb and grow each time.
I heard the camera clicking and he was getting shots from a few angles and that was a total turn on for me.
I literally almost came without touching myself when I could feel his cock and head grow just before he blew his load.
He asked if I wanted it and you know me, I was nodding "Hell Yes!" with my head and his cock shoved in my mouth.
He said he had sweet cum and when it shot one blast after another I swallowed and it was indeed sweet.
I took his cock out of my mouth and pulled the last couple of drops to the top and licked them off.

He shot a great video and I may put it on here but the lighting was bad and you can't really see just how hot he is or the final seconds when you can tell his unloading in my mouth.

The aftermath...
This morning I had told my partner that I may be meeting up with Cock#1 and he said fine, so this afternoon when I said I had his load and two others he just smirked, smiled and said "slut" and I just smiled back.
He knows me so well and I also told him we need to get him involved with these protein shakes and add him to my daily intake :-)

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