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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My used jock for your cum load

Today I put on my small jock and emailed my red head buddy that I sucked off yesterday.
If you recall, the first time we met up he later asked if I was into swapping piss stained, sweat soaked and cum crusted jock straps.
We agreed to trade our jocks and he wants to wear mine to the gym for a week.
He is flying to the East coast tonight and wanted to take my jock along - I am hoping that he is able to add some piss and maybe even some cum.
Next week or so we'll get mine back and I will take his to wear and get it piss/cum stained.

I had already soaked a bit of piss in it this morning and when I got to the tearoom I was leaking pre-cum.
I stripped out of the jock and he came into the next stall.
I handed him my jock, he put it on and then stuck my now fully stretched jock (filled with his raging hardon) under the stall and told me to get it nice and wet. I sucked the head, took as much of the shaft the jock would allow and got it all spit soaked, then he pulled the jock aside and told me to suck his pierced cock.

HOT DAMN - it seemed even larger today than yesterday and I had gotten that load too.

I went back under to suck his hairy balls - he does seem to really like that and I am there to serve.
Today he started to shoot and my head was turned a bit sideways so the first load hit my head and the rest went over my ear to hit the floor and a couple of thick shots hit my cheek and goatee.
We stood up, he zipped and left with my jock on and the first load of cum to start the week.
I went to check out the loads and see just how much there was...Damn, that was a big load.
Another guy had come into the bathroom so I did not have time to get many pics but tried to get a few to show the cum load.
You can see the trail of the shots - thick first shot on the side of my head and the other shots going over my cheek and in the goatee.

I figured that since I was out already I would check the shopping center - no action but a young latin guy was at the urinal and already jacking so I stroked it and played with the head and he was ready to shoot so I let it go all over my goatee.
It was another thick load and really stuck - nice!

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