My favorite snack

Friday, March 28, 2008

Shopping and getting two for the price of one!

It was a bit overcast so I figured I would pop in to the shopping district to get warm and dry.
Of course, I have to check out the restrooms for any horny men - you know how those married guys that have to be shopping with spouses or parents just want a little stress release and I am happy to provide...shall we say, an outlet.

I go in and it looks like no one is around but another gay man. He stands next to me at the urinal and I wait to see if he is looking for anything or just checking my cock out.
He backs up and I see he is hard. He is not a huge guy, average length but very thick and a huge mushroom head for such a little guy....a literal champagne cork there.
That can be fun to take since I know it will go all the way in and it is great to feel the head have to squeeze a bit in the throat.

Well there is too much traffic here so we go to a store that has a large enough space we can be uninterrupted.
I get on my knees and after just a few minutes he is ready to shoot.
I already decided that I wanted the load on my goatee and he is fine with that. He starts to shoot and I can feel the weight of it - very thick cum!

He blasts a few loads and is smiling like the cheshire cat because of the volume. I stand up and it actually starts hanging from my chin but not falling, it is so thick.
We take a few pics (attached) and I wipe it up and then scoop what I can into my mouth and go clean up.

Well, I now need to pee myself so I go back to the restroom and have no plans of doing anything since that was fun and it has stopped raining outside.
Guess what? In the next stall enters a HOT man, shorter than me by only half an inch but very dark hair, 5 o'clock shadow and those hot mediterranean Greek looks!
Damn he is a hot little fucker and he is stroking already.
I am thinking under stall action could be hot but it is too busy and we both head out. As we are walking out there is a break in traffic and he grabs my cock in my jeans...
Now I know for sure that he is up for some hot fun.

We take it to another bathroom but same problem of traffic so I take him back to the store I just had the first load in.
We enter and he goes to a stall, so I follow behind.

There is not a real good way to see us, but I get positioned on the "throne" to service him and he pulls out this large uncut cock.
He is only about 5 feet/5 inches tall ( I am guessing since I am around that height) but that cock is huge on him.

Damn, two days in a row of uncut cocks...thank god for some smart parents that left it intact.

I am sucking him, he is rock hard and angled up so we have perfect unison and he says he is going to cum.
My mouth is full and I did learn from my mother not to talk with my full so I just nod my head to go for it.

He does and he FILLS my mouth with a huge load.

I already had one on my face and this guy is too hot to waste an ounce so I swallow it all. Since he was nice enough to feed me his load I return the courtesy of makings sure he can put his cock away nice and clean - I lick every drop off and under the foreskin and let him pull out a super clean cock.

Tasty protein snack, and if you happen to find this blog -THANK YOU and hope to see you again.


Anonymous said...

NOTHING gets me hotter than watching my load drip off a hot cocksucker's goatee. (NOTHING. gets me right back to instabone for another round of tickle-the-tonsils.) so you can imagine how my prick and i reacted to these shots.....

sfverscumboy said...

Yes, I can imagine!!! And if I were on my knees with your load dripping and wanted more, just push me right back down on it and say "swallow, now!"....
Damn, if you are around and want to get a pic of your load on my goatee (or join a few buddies and add yours to a large splooge fest)let me know.