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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oink, OInk, OINk, OINK!!!

For those of you that do not agree with personal choice, public sex, group sex, orgies, bareback, slings, sex with hot anonymous men - need to stop reading right NOW!

We were at home and my partner was online in a cruisy mode so we decided to go to a local sex club.

I have been a top more times this year than I recall in the past and was really in the mood to be a pig bottom.
We prepared ourselves to be pig bottoms and proceeded down to the club.

Of course, right off the bat I see the hot guy in a jock with a HUGE pouch.
I decide to see if he is up for taking my ass and breaking me in for the night.
Lo and behold he is a bottom and not ready to blow his load.

C'est la vie, I am open to finding what I want.

While trying to get this bottom to fuck me there was another hot guy working the other end of the scene - he wanted to be fucked.
My partner showed up and took the other offered ass, fucked him hard but the guy wanted more.
I tried my luck on the new bottom and my partner and I both ended up having pulled out without cumming.

The guy my partner and I were fucking had a nice cock, so turned the tables and backed on to him and rode it.
He asked if I wanted his first load of the night and of course I said yes.

About this time a hot smooth, young, twink type came in.
He and I exchanged a few glances, and when he was undressed we met up in a sling area.
Now the fun starts, so you think....

He asked if I like slings and I said "yes, I like being in them". He agrees and has the same thoughts.
I figure, ok I can top to get him hard and then he can top me.
We lube up his ass and I start fucking. He is very tight, very hot but I had just gotten there and was hoping to blow my load while getting fucked so I pull out and take a break.

I go upstairs and there is a hot young man fucking anyone that wants to ride.
I watch for a minute but he blows a load before I can ride...continue walking around.

I find a hot tattooed man getting fluffed and ready. He does not end up taking the ass of the guy he is with and we walk away together.
He is obviously still horny and I try to get it fully hard.
I end up fucking his ass (top yet again, but what a tight ass) for a bit - while being watched by a shaved head blond. After I pull out of my new buddy, the blond comes over and even though he wants me to fuck him I end up with his cock in my ass. Then he wants me to fuck him after watching me top the other guy.
Top once again...

Still no cum load except the first guy.

I wander around a bit and end up in the glory holes (there were a few other guys that I plowed but I did not cum and don't really recall much, they were basically fluffing bottoms).

The guy I fucked in the sling is being fucked by a guy I met earlier.
He is being pounded good and hard which gets me rock hard ( this is after about 3 hours of edging) and I am ready to pound his ass.

The first guy takes a break from fucking the hot twink and a long cocked European is already in his ass, so I wait a moment.

The time comes for me to ride his ass and give him the load he wanted a couple of hours ago.

As I enter his ass, the guy I fucked much earlier comes over and tells my cum dump bottom buddy that it is time to leave.
Oops, a relationship clarification is now in order and taking place - so it is time to find another horny guy.

Right away I turn around and there is a muscle bear behind me with a nice THICK uncut cock ready to fuck me...well, give me my poppers and spit on my ass!

He does just that and we get to business... I have a big soft spot and fetish for uncut cocks, so even though I was ready to cum in the sling bottom I am also ready to shoot when this uncut hunk shoots.
After a good 10 minutes he says he is not ready to cum yet so we have to take a break.
Luckily my sling bottom has returned from the relationship drama and is still in the mood to take my load.

While back in his ass I get another uncut, beer can size cock behind me that wantss my ass.
We try to have him fuck me while I fuck my sling buddy but two short tops don't go into one bottom apparently.
I took control and rode the sling bottom's ass until I was ready to shoot.

The beer can wanted to fuck him before I was done but
A) I was already there.
B) I was ready to cum
C) He tried to get pushy in my scene
D)I was already there and sling boy wanted my cum as much
as I was ready to give it...see B) above.

I came , we were both fully satiated and it was time to go home.

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